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The UWA Social Work Alumni Fund is an initiative of the UWA Social Work Alumni to help the University enhance the education and research capacities of professional social workers.

The core business of social work and the vision of the UWA Social Work Alumni Fund is to generate well-educated social workers who are equipped to face the challenges of a changing world and to provide meaningful contributions to the wellbeing of WA citizens, communities and institutions.

WA Social Worker of the Year Awards

Information on how you could become involved in a partnership or sponsorship of the WA Social Worker of the Year Awards.

Strategic Plan 2008-2013

Strategic Plan key initiatives

1.Enhance professional development

  • Annual professional development program
  • Regular newsletter with updates on important developments and educational opportunities

2. Mentoring and networking

  • A mentoring program for new graduates and social workers taking up new appointments
  • Informal opportunities for consultation and support
  • Support for rural and remote communities through sponsorship of field placements in rural and remote areas
  • A travel scholarship for a final placement student in the first instance

3. The Laki Jayasuriya Scholarship

  • The Social Work Alumni Fund will establish the Laki Jayasuriya Scholarship to be awarded each year to an honours or graduate research student whose proposal will address multicultural or Indigenous issues.

4. Director of the Centre for Vulnerable Children and Families appointment

  • The Social Work Alumni Fund, in partnership with UWA and the State Government, will secure funding for the three year appointment of the Director of the Centre for Vulnerable Children and Families.

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