Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Corinne Law


Consultant Anaesthetist
Anglesea Procedure Centre, Hamilton, New Zealand

I commenced medical school in 1995 with the inspiration to pursue the specialty of anaesthesia following a high school work experience placement with an orthopaedic surgeon.

Whilst at medical school, I was given enormous support by Professor Louis Landau and Dr Judy Stratton to pursue my interest in medical education and workforce planning. I was awarded the UWA Graduates Association Prize in Medicine, and was involved with the Faculty, through my representation of medical students via the WA Medical Students Society and nationally as Vice President of the Australian Medical Students' Association.

Mentored by Professor Teik Oh and Dr Eric Visser as a medical student, I worked at Royal Perth Hospital upon graduation, and began anaesthesia training. I am now an Anaesthetist, married with 2 young children. I reflect back to my time at medical school often and how I learnt to best manage work-life balance. I was armed with a desire to learn and discover. I was awarded the ANZCA Mundipharma Research Fellowship to work on the "Intraoperative titratability of opioids to EEG" as the subject of my Doctor of Medicine thesis with Professor Jamie Sleigh. I live and work in New Zealand, but remain a Perth girl at heart.