Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Regent Lee



Clinical Research Fellow
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Oxford

“My degree in Medicine from UWA gave me a strong foundation for my subsequent career pursuits, and I am proud to be an Alumnus.”

I commenced my study in medicine at UWA in 1995. During my clinical year, I was inspired by a vascular surgeon and supervisor for the surgical term at Sir. Charles Gardner Hospital and decided I wanted to be a vascular surgeon. Fuelled by my aspiration, I spent my elective term during 5th year to work with the vascular surgery department in Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
Following graduation in 2001, I completed my internship and residency training at the St. Vincent Hospital, Sydney. I successfully applied to the vascular surgery training program with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and commenced my training in 2005. The subsequent years of my training took me to a Master of Surgery Degree at the University of Sydney. I studied the role of monocytes in neo-intimal formation, which is a common problem complicating vascular surgical procedures.
During an exchange training program at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, I was awarded a clinical research fellowship post to work on a research study with the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at University of Oxford, where I work as a Clinical Research Fellow. My current study aims to elucidate novel biomarkers related to atherosclerotic plaque disease - the pathology underpinning cardiovascular surgery patients.
I am aiming to pursue a PhD in cardiovascular medicine in Oxford prior to returning to Australia to complete my vascular surgery training and to make further contribution in translational research in this field.