Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Centre for Health Services Research achievements


Supporting research

The Centre has been successful in supporting research through the:

  • creation and maintenance of data and technical infrastructure
  • facilitation of a network of collaborators
  • provision of training opportunities including the development of two analysis of linked heath data courses that are conducted within UWA as well as interstate and overseas.

The Centre has enjoyed continued success since its creation in 1996, including:

  • gaining competitive research funding (at both national and state level)
  • receiving commissioned research funds
  • scientific journal publication
  • international, national, state and local conference presentation
  • providing service to the wider community


A summary of our key outputs include:

  • 82 successful research grants totalling over $30 million.
  • 311 research publications, including 257 peer-reviewed scientific journal publications.
  • 184 scientific presentations at state, national and international forums.
  • Playing a key role in the continued development of medical/health record linkage to include genealogical linkage and other data integrating facilities has allowed CHSR to build a reputation as an international leader in the field of health services research.
  • Playing a major role in the recent development of the International Data Linkage Network which includes representatives from all the other major whole-population data linkage systems around the world.
  • Results have been used to advocate on behalf of vulnerable populations in a country that prides itself on universal access to high quality health services.
  • Centre research has received substantial media attention, including national and state television, radio and newspaper interviews/pieces.
  • A substantial, beneficial impact on health policy and practise is anticipated, together with new research methods and findings that will contribute to international knowledge.