Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Centre for Health Services Research, priority research themes


The five themes are strongly interdependent and involve close contact with clinical collaborators, health system decision-makers and community interests.

  1. Adverse events and medication safety
  2. Delivery of cancer services
  3. Evaluations of health service policy and interventions
  4. Utilisation of health services among vulnerable populations
  5. Utilisation of reproductive health services

Theme 1: Adverse events and medication safety

  • Does treatment of age-related macular degeneration with intravitreal injection of vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitors increase arterial thromboembolic events?
  • Epidemiology of perinatal death with a special focus on occupation and occupational exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • High risk and potentially inappropriate medications in senior
  • Patterns of prescription opioid use prescription opioids for non-cancer pain in the 45 and Up Study Cohort.
  • Pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation during pregnancy and the inter-pregnancy period: a population-based cohort study.

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Theme 2: Delivery of cancer services

  • Improving Rural Cancer Outcomes (IRCO) 
  • Cancer in the adolescent and young adult population in Western Australia 
  • Endocrine therapies for early breast cancer: health outcomes and policy implications in Australian clinical practice
  • Green tea polyphenols and cancer prevention: Use of biomarkers and population controls to elicit causal pathways
  • Patient preferences and cost effectiveness of intra-operative radiotherapy in women with early breast cancer
  • Variations in sociodemographic features, exposure characteristics and genetic polymorphisms between population and hospital controls: A validation study of control selection in case-control designs

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Theme 3: Evaluations of health services policy and interventions

  • Chronic disease outcomes and enhanced primary care in seniors: a cross-jurisdictional linkage project
  • Consumer copayments for subsidised medicines: impact on access and health outcomes
  • Effect of community-based prevention interventions on trends of childhood injuries:  a Western Australian linked data study
  • Impact of federal health care policy on coronary artery revascularisation
  • Risk of peritonitis and mortality for patients receiving peritoneal dialysis in Australia and New Zealand

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Theme 4: Utilisation of health services among vulnerable populations

  • Cultural influences on the treatment of ADHD in the Western Australian community
  • Mental health outcomes of adult criminal offenders in Western Australia
  • Improving the health of Indigenous and non-Indigenous ex-prisoners: A multi-jurisdictional, mixed-methods study
  • The use, quality and outcomes of primary health care services in Western Australian mental health clients: a population-based longitudinal study

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Theme 5: Utilisation of reproductive health services

  • Hospital morbidity outcomes in women following treatment through Assisted Reproductive Technology Services (ART) in Western Australia
  • Impact of federal health care policy on births in Western Australia
  • Occurrence, aetiology and outcome of surgically managed pelvic organ prolapse in Western Australian women 1980-2005
  • Outcomes, Services and Policy for the Reproductive and Early Years (OSPREY)
  • Trends in surgical sterilisation, reversal procedures and related health outcomes in Western Australian women from 1980 to 2008: a whole-population medical record linkage study

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