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Supervise research students

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences works in collaboration with business and industry in many areas.

  1. Public clinics
  2. Collaborations
  3. Supervising research students
  4. Lotterywest State Biomedical Facility: Genomics
  5. Professional development and services

Public clinics

Oral Health Centre

This is a state-of-the-art dental teaching and learning facility united with an oral health care clinic. It is the only institution in WA offering tertiary training in dentistry. Its contract with the Government to provide dental services to eligible members of the public ensures that students have access to a suitable pool of patients to develop the necessary skills and aptitude.

The UWA Podiatry Clinic

The Podiatry Clinic treats many common foot conditions either at the Student Clinic or for private patients.

It offers podiatric treatment to members of the public at reduced fees for a wide range of general podiatry services. Patients can expect a high degree of professional attention when being treated by students under close supervision by highly experienced and skilled podiatrists.

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We work with many health research and service groups to ensure that all Western Australians will benefit from the latest advances in medicine, technology and science. These include:

Governments, business and industry have also helped to fund several of our research projects.

The results of our links with other medical researchers, business and industry are evident at UWA.

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Supervising research students

Departments, Schools, Institutes and some charitable foundations play an important role in supporting the Science, Research and Discovery Unit. If your school, institute, department or foundation is not listed, contact the IMED450 Unit Co-ordinator to become involved.

Questions about the role of supervisors or the IMED4501/4502 Unit generally can be directed to the Unit Co-ordinator.

Suggestions for IMED450 projects are welcomed at any time of the year, although most projects are assigned at the beginning of the fourth undergraduate medical year.

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Lotterywest State Biomedical Facility: Genomics

A generous gift from Perth businessman Mr Charles Morgan, the chair of Western Australia's Technology and Industry Advisory Council, has brought faster, cheaper and more effective clinical research and diagnosis of a wide range of genetic diseases.

New state-of-the-art gene sequencing equipment is located at the Lotterywest State Biomedical Facility: Genomics at Royal Perth Hospital.

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Professional development and services

Professional development includes a variety of courses, workshops and seminars for those in medical, education, business and public sectors.

Services include access to certain specialist, world-class facilities of the University and our extensive research expertise.

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