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Ambulatory care guidelines, standards and resources

Bethanie team and Erin

WA HEALTH clinical services framework

The WA Health Clinical Services Framework 2010–2020 [PDF, 480 kb] (CSF 2010) sets out the planned structure of public health service provision in Western Australia over the next 10 years. It is an important tool for strategic statewide planning and will assist Area Health Services in developing localised clinical service plans.

Ambulatory and Community Based Care: A framework for non-inpatient care

This Framework [PDF, 480 kb] provides the strategic direction for ambulatory and community care from which specific models of care and service delivery will be developed and implemented as part of statewide policy and Area Health Service (AHS) clinical planning.

Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for Community Care

This report outlines the rights and responsibilities of persons receiving community care.

Community Care Common Standards

The Community Care Common Standards have been developed jointly by the Australian Government and State and Territory Governments as part of broader community care reforms to develop common arrangements that help to simplify and streamline the way community care is delivered. The common standards draw together the differing community care standards into a single set of quality standards and have the benefit of reducing the administrative burden for service providers.

Consumer Directed Care

The introduction of CDC responds to calls from care recipients and their carers for increased flexibility, choice and control that have emerged from previous reviews of community aged care and the Government’s consultations on the final report of the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission. The Government is committed to responding to these needs through the initiative and evidence-based assessment of this alternative service model.

A Healthier Future for All Australians Report

This report identifies actions that can be taken by governments to reform the health system under three reform goals: tackling major access and equity issues that affect health outcomes for people now; redesigning our health system so that it is better positioned to respond to emerging challenges; and creating an agile and self-improving health system for long-term sustainability.

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