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This project is being funded by Health Workforce Australia and Department of Health and Ageing.

The project is being led by Nursing at the School of Population Health, within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, at the University of Western Australia (UWA); in collaboration with The Bethanie Group Inc. Project partners include Central Institute of Technology and West Coast Institute of Training. The project is supported by the Leading Age Services Australia - WA

This project has created a clinical learning environment to facilitate teaching and learning of health professional students, namely medicine, nursing and podiatric medicine students. An unoccupied nursing home adjacent to a co-located aged care facility and independent living units has been refurbished to create the community of learning.

This community of learning focuses on evidence based practice and care and interprofessional education and practice, by engaging residents of the aged care facility, independent living units and the wider local community in student learning activities.

The project collaborators are committed to providing health professional students with sound education in delivering care to the older adult population.

About this project
The unoccupied space of Bethanie Joondanna Nursing Home has been refurbished to create a clinical learning environment within which to facilitate health professional education and training. This clinical learning environment is co-located with two residential aged care hostels and independent living units.
Bethanie staff information
The staff portal provides information for Bethanie staff who may be supporting UWA, CIT & WIT students undertaking a placement at Bethanie.
Student information
The student portal provides information for students undertaking a placement in the Beyond the Teaching Nursing Home – Clinical Learning environment.
Aged Care Guidelines and Standards
The standards and guidelines have been developed to guide aged care practice and policy in Australia.
Aged care research
Aged care research is integral in improving standards of care and outcomes. The following national and international research centres are working towards this goal.
Aged care information
Resources provide a wealth of information about aged care for both consumers and health professionals.
Learning resources
The learning resources are available for staff and students to utilise.
Nurse Practitioner
The Nurse Practitioner role has been funded by the Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA) as part of the project “Beyond the Teaching Nursing Home – Clinical Partnership in Residential Aged Care – a Nurse Practitioner Model of a Community Clinic.