Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Nurse practitioner


As part of the "Beyond the Teaching Nursing Home" my role as the Nurse Practitioner plays a collaborative role with both UWA and the Residents of the Bethanie Hostels as well as the Independent Living Units and surrounding community.

Being on site means the residents can then easily access the Nurse Practitioner which is a huge advantage. It allows the residents and surrounding community local access to clinical services without having to travel which for many of them can be an issue. It also allows then quick and easy access to clinical services if needed. We are able to provide a wide range of services which include but not restricted to diagnostic, chronic disease management, prescriptions, as well as referral services. Health promotion and education sessions are also part of the service provided.

As a Nurse Practitioner my role is to preceptor students from various disciplines to enable them access to the Nurse Practitioners Clinic which will then help them gain invaluable exposure to the clinical environment in which to gain a better understanding of all the management and complex needs and issues related to our Aged Care Community.

This kind of hands on approach allows the students to interact and gain more confidence and skills when dealing with our ageing population.

The role also offers the staff on site a supportive clinical role in which the staff can access if they have any clinical concerns or issues regarding any of the residents, thus the Nurse Practitioner can then go and assess the resident and offer appropriate advise to the staff as well as any education at the time that the staff may need in regards to the issue.

The Nurse Practitioners role has been funded by the Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA) as part of the project “Beyond the Teaching Nursing Home – Clinical Partnership in Residential Aged Care – a Nurse Practitioner Model of a Community Clinic.