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The ‘Building Capacity in Palliative Care Clinical Training’ project will contribute to addressing clinical training and future workforce issues, not only in palliative care clinical settings, but for health care professionals in all settings who need to be competent and confident in addressing palliative and end-of-life issues.

This project provides nursing and medical students with the opportunity to learn about caring for people receiving palliative care and to develop an understanding of their specific care needs. Students will achieve this by attending a clinical placement in the palliative care ward at Bethesda Hospital and within the community palliative care service delivered by Bethesda Hospital. This project will also provide health professional students with the unique opportunity to work together in a palliative care environment, facilitated by structured inter-professional education and activities.

Students attending clinical placement will be supported by Bethesda Hospital staff, a Practitioner Scholar (Nursing) and a Palliative Care Physician who will act as a resource for the students and Bethesda Hospital staff.

A ‘Learning Hub’ environment has been established adjacent to the palliative care ward at Bethesda Hospital. This area will provide a dedicated physical and virtual learning environment for students during their clinical placement. The flexible learning and teaching space will be utilised by students and Bethesda Hospital staff for education sessions, inter-professional activities, computer access, meeting and debriefing.