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Broadway Student Support Coordinators

Contact by email or call on (+61 8) 6488 8500.

Broadway UWA is designed to ensure that access to UWA's courses is available to the broadest range of students with the potential to succeed at university. 

The main goal of the programme is to increase the diversity in the student cohorts and to promote equity in the selection of students with respect to different geographic, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Specified schools are invited to participate in this programme.  The full list of schools can be viewed here.  

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You are eligible for consideration as a Direct Pathway applicant if you have undertaken your entire year 12 studies, including WACE at a  UWA Broadway school.

Eligibility Application Forms (School Leaver Applicants):

  • Applicants to the Broadway Direct Pathway to medicine, dentistry, podiatric medicine and/or pharmacy need to submit the Broadway Eligibility Form to the Faculty.
  • Please note that this requirement is in addition to the requirement to apply for the medicine and dentistry courses through TISC by 28 September 2018 and in addition to the requirement to apply for the pharmacy or podiatric medicine course through TISC by the general TISC deadline.  TISC applications opened on 6 August 2018.
  • Broadway Eligibility forms are due for submission to the Faculty by 28 September 2018:

Eligibility Application Forms and additional requirements (Graduate Applicants to the DMD, DPM and MPharm):

  • Please note the Broadway form is NOT an application.  Applicants must include the Broadway Eligibility Form with their application for graduate entry into the course by the due date:
    • Doctor of Dental Medicine graduate applications closed on 31 May 2018
    • Master of Pharmacy graduate applications due by 10 August 2018*
    • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine applications due by end of September 2018*

      * Please contact the Faculty Admissions team for the form