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DMD Years 1 and 2



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The Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) is a four-year professional degree 

Year 1:

First year provides students with their first clinical contact and is aimed at providing them with essential dental clinical skills.  At the end of the year, students will be competent to:

  • Fully examine a patient
  • Perform essential oral hygiene procedures
  • Deliver local anaesthesia
  • Diagnose and manage (interventional and non-interventional) the dental caries
  • Produce total dentures

Year 2:

In second year, students build on the knowledge accumulated in their first year and are exposed to discipline-based teaching across the streams.  Students also develop fundamental knowledge of how to merge the disciplines into a coherent treatment plan.  Key competencies include:

  • Patient management protocol
  • Knowledge of surgical and medical conditions relevant to dental practice
  • Extraction (exodontia) and basic surgical techniques
  • Diagnosis and management of common periodontal conditions (advanced gum disease)
  • Diagnosis and management of simple pulpal and periapical conditions (affecting nerve and bone and often requiring root canal treatment)
  • fixed partial dentures (inclusive of non-vital teeth restoration and complex restorations of the crown of the tooth [coronal restorations])
  • diagnosis and management of the pathology of dental eruption and of the development of occlusion (the patient's 'bite')
  • diagnosis and management of plaque-related conditions in temporary and mixed dentitions
  • dental health in the community

Years 3 & 4:

  • Information on the final two years of the course can be found here