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In order to be including in the ranking for course offers, all shortlisted school leaver applicants to the domestic Direct Pathways to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)  must attend an interview. 

The interview will allow applicants an opportunity to display some of the attributes and qualities considered desirable in health practitioners, within a structured process.  Applicants are provided preparation material prior to the interview.


  • The Faculty will interview approximately 2-3 people for every domestic school leaver place.
  • Interviews are face-to-face and are NOT conducted over telephone or through video conferencing facilities.  All domestic interviews are held in Perth.
  • Information on the interview can be found here.


  • 2018 applicants for the 2019 Direct Pathways to the MD and DMD will be shortlisted for interview on the basis of the UMAT score and predicted or actual ATAR.
  • Interview selection is competition-based and applicants with the highest ranked UMAT scores along with eligible predicted or actual ATAR will be invited for interview.  The last person invited for interview in their category therefore ‘sets’ the UMAT minimum threshold. The university does not release past thresholds as these vary greatly from year to year and do not provide meaningful predictive information for future admissions rounds.
  • Interviews will be held over 29 November 2018 to 6 December 2018 for WA applicants who meet the minimum UMAT requirement and also appear likely to meet the minimum academic requirement (via predicted ATAR).  Applicants applying to the DMD will have very limited choice of interview dates so should ensure they are available for the whole interview period. Please contact the faculty with any queries regarding this.
  • Interviews will be held early-mid January for WA applicants who meet the minimum UMAT requirement, were not predicted to meet the minimum academic requirement but whose actual ATAR meets the minimum.
  • Interviews will be held in mid-late January for Interstate applicants who meet the minimum UMAT and Academic requirements (via actual ATAR).
  • Applicants who are offered a December interview cannot switch to the January interview period and vice versa.  Therefore applicants should ensure that they will be in Perth for the relevant interview dates.
  • For applications during 2019 for 2020 commencement and subsequent admissions periods, UCAT scores will be used in place of UMAT.