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Rural area in the eastern states

The rural entry scheme includes applicants from Australia's eastern states. 





There is a sub-quota of medical, dental, pharmacy and podiatric medicine Direct Pathway places for domestic school leaver applicants who fit the criteria as rural applicants.

An applicant is eligible for consideration as a rural origin applicant if their principal home address has been in an Australian Standard Geographical Remoteness Area (ASGC-RA 2-5)  for any 5 years consecutive or at least 10 years cumulatively.  A search engine for towns in areas can be found on the DoctorConnect website: click the link under "Search the Maps" for ASGS-RA (2011). 

School Leaver applicants to the Rural Direct Pathway who believe they fit the rural definition will need to submit a rural eligibility form to the Faculty before 28 September 2018 for medicine or dentistry, and before the TISC deadline for first round offers for podiatric medicine or pharmacy.  Please download the form and the instructions in your preferred format using the links below.

Direct Pathway applicants who qualify for both the Broadway Pathway and the Rural Pathway, may apply for both Pathways (and, if eligible, may also apply for the High Academic Achievement Pathway). 

Forms (PDF Format): 
Forms (RTF Format)