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All applicants to the domestic High Academic Achievement, Rural and Broadway School Leaver Pathways to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) must sit UMAT. 

The UMAT assesses a range of non-academic personal qualities which are considered important to the study and practice of medicine and dentistry.  The test is designed and administered by the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER). It measures the applicant's ability to solve problems, reason logically, make decisions and think critically. No formal preparation or prior academic knowledge is required. Information on the test can be found on the UMAT website.

Neither ACER nor the UMAT Consortium conduct UMAT preparation courses.  ACER and the UMAT Consortium universities do not recommend or endorse any commercially available courses offering UMAT preparation.  Furthermore, any UMAT preparation courses including those held on UWA grounds are not endorsed or recommended by UWA.


  • Please refer to the UMAT website for updated information.
  • The 2017 test (for 2018 entry) was held on Wednesday 25 July 2018.
  • Information regarding test day procedures can be found here.
  • A valid UMAT score is essential to be considered for entry to medicine or dentistry at UWA.  UMAT scores are valid for applications for commencement ONLY the year following the test. You must sit UMAT 2018 if you are planning to apply for Medicine or Dentistry direct pathways commencing 2019.  Further information can be found here.
  • It is recommended that applicants obtain preparation material from the UMAT website.  Neither ACER nor the Consortium recommend or endorse preparation courses.
  • UWA uses the sum of the three section scores (not percentiles).  All three sections of the test are weighted equally.
  • The Faculty Admissions Office do not set benchmark UMAT thresholds (other than the requirement that applicants receive a section one percentile score of at least 20).  The university does not release past thresholds.  Further information can be obtained here.
  • Applicants will be shortlisted for interview on the basis of the UMAT score (with the condition that they also appear likely to meet the minimum academic requirement).