Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine - Prerequisites




Prospective students lacking components of this prerequisite knowledge may complete appropriate units at UWA, or the equivalent units at another university, prior to entering the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine program.

To be eligible to enrol in the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Program you will need to have successfully completed units in your undergraduate studies which will fulfil our prerequisite requirements.

This information assumes that you have not attempted or have not passed the GAMSAT, and instead wish to have prior study in an undergraduate degree assessed for entry into the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Program.

Prerequisite subjects

If you have completed, or are currently undertaking, a bachelor degree at any University, including UWA, you must ensure you have successfully completed at least ONE UNIT from each of the following prerequisite areas regardless of your major(s), namely human biology, animal biology, physiology, pharmacology, genetics or microbiology, AND either chemistry OR biological chemistry.  These units can form part of your major or be added in as complementary, broadening or elective units. 

To guide you, we have provided examples of units at UWA which meet the prerequisite requirements.  These are examples only and it is not essential that you complete these exact units in each topic area.  If you are studying at another University, you will need to complete a unit with similar content.


  • Animal Biology - for example Plant and Animal Biology (BIOL1131)
  • Genetics - for example Molecular Genetics (GENE2230)
  • Human Biology - for example Human Biology 1: Becoming Human (ANHB1101)
  • Microbiology - for example Introductory Microbiology (MICR2208)
  • Pharmacology - for example Foundations of Pharmacology (PHAR2210)
  • Physiology - for example Molecular Biology of the Cell (SCIE1106)


  • Biological Chemistry - for example Biological Chemistry (CHEM1004)
  • Chemistry - for example Introductory Chemistry (CHEM1003)

Please complete one of the following versions of our checklist (PDF or RTF) to ensure you have fulfilled all the prerequisite requirements and submit the completed form with your application.

If you have completed studies in all of the prerequisite areas, have completed a bachelor degree and have attained a GPA of 5 or above, any offer made for a place in the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Program will only be subject to meeting pre-enrolment requirements.

If you are completing units at the time of application, have completed a bachelor degree and have attained a GPA of 5 or above, any offer made for a place in the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Program will be conditional, i.e. subject to providing an academic transcript of the successfully completed units and meeting pre-enrolment requirements.