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All domestic applicants to the graduate pathways to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) must sit GAMSAT.  Applicants to the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) are required to either sit GAMSAT OR satisfy certain prerequisite subjects.

GAMSAT is not required for the Master of Pharmacy.

The purpose of GAMSAT is to assess your ability to understand and analyse material, to think critically about issues and, in the case of the Written Communication section, to organise and express your thoughts in a logical and effective way. Information on the test can be found on the GAMSAT website


  • All domestic applicants to the graduate pathways of the MD and DMD must have a valid GAMSAT score. International applicants have the choice of GAMSAT or MCAT.  CDAT and DAT are accepted for international applicants to the DMD.
  • Please refer to the GAMSAT Australia website for information on registration, preparation strategy, test dates and test venues.
  • Applicants to the DPM and DMD will be required to submit their GAMSAT results with their application. MD applicants will be required to enter their GAMSAT ID on their GEMSAS application.
  • GAMSAT scores are valid for two years and must be valid as at the closing date of applications, therefore applicants may sit the test from their penultimate year of bachelor study.
  • Domestic applicants for the MD will require a minimum test scores of 50 in each of the three sections, and a minimum overall score of 55 in order to be eligible for consideration.  
  • All applicants for the DMD will require minimum test scores of 50 in each of the three sections, and a minimum overall score of 50 in order to be eligible for consideration.
  • Applicants applying for DPM who cannot satisfy prerequisites via previous studies require an overall GAMSAT score of at least 50 and no section score less than 50.   International applicants may submit an MCAT score in place of GAMSAT (overall 492 with no section under 123).
  • MD and DMD applicants will be shortlisted for interview based equally on GAMSAT and GPA.