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Calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA) for UWA.

Instructions on how to calculate your GPA can be found on the GEMSAS website.  However please note that the GPA for UWA is calculated differently in some circumstances (please see sections below). 

Applicants to medicine, dentistry and pharmacy must show that they have achieved the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) at time of interview selection.  Applicants to podiatric medicine must show they have achieved the minimum GPA at time of application.

The minimum GPA for medicine and dentistry is 5.5.  The minimum GPA for pharmacy and podiatric medicine is 5.0.

UWA does not use a weighted GPA; each year is weighted equally: ("GPA final year" + "GPA final year-1" + "GPA final year-2")/3 .

No preference or scaling is given to particular universities or fields of study. 

Special consideration cannot be granted and we must use an applicant's results as they appear on their transcript.

Levels of study included in the GPA calculation (including post graduate study by coursework)

UWA calculates the GPA based on the most recent three years of full time or equivalent (FTE) study excluding any exemptions, credit or advanced standing. As an example, three years of full time or equivalent study at UWA is 144 credit points, at Curtin it is 600 credit points, at ECU it is 360 credit points, at Murdoch it is 72 credit points and so on. 

The Faculty includes recognised*: bachelor, honours (only if already completed), graduate certificate, graduate diploma, and masters by coursework level of study in the GPA calculation. Therefore the GPA used by UWA for applicants who have undertaken such qualifications in the valid period of study (whether complete or incomplete) will be different to that calculated using the GEMSAS instructions. Please note that in order for honours to be included in the GPA calculation it must be completed by the end of semester one of the application year. 

Domestic MD applicants who have undertaken additional study (whether postgraduate or additional bachelor level study) should indicate this on the GEMSAS application (when prompted to by the application questions).  All other applicants should indicate this on their UWA application form. 

All applicants must have achieved a GPA of at least 5.5 (for medicine and/or dentistry) or 5.0 (for pharmacy) by the time of interview selection .  All applicants must have a GPA of 5.0 at time of application for podiatric medicine. 

Accelerated degrees and conversion courses

UWA's Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences will accept recognised* 2-year bachelor degrees and completed 1-year conversion bachelor degrees for the purpose of admission to postgraduate professional courses. (Applicants who do not hold a previously completed bachelor degree may not apply while in progress of a 1-year conversion course.)

Postgraduate qualifications (research)

  • Applicants with a completed PhD at time of application will be awarded an overall GPA of 7. 
  • Applicants with a completed Masters by Research at time of application will be awarded a bonus of 0.2 to be added to their overall GPA.
  • Incomplete Masters by research and PhDs are not considered in the GPA unless transcripts show final marks for units within the degree.  The GPA will be calculated based on studies prior to the incomplete research degree.

Applicants who only hold higher degrees

A recognised* bachelor degree is required for entry to UWA's MD, DMD, DPM and MPharm courses. Applicants who have completed a higher degree but have not completed a recognised* bachelor degree will not be eligible for consideration. 

Ten year rule

The faculty has removed its 10-year rule. There is no restriction placed on applicants whose degrees are older than 10 years.

Ungraded Passes

Ungraded passes are included in that their credit value/unit weighting will count towards the 3 years of the FTE; however the result itself is left out of the calculation. For example, if a student has 0.125 EFT of ungraded pass in a particular year, that year's GPA will be based on only 0.875 EFT of study.

The exception to this guideline is where an applicant has more than 1 year's FTE of ungraded passes in their most recent 3 years FTE. In this instance, the Faculty will use older study (provided it is at recognised* bachelor, honours (if completed), graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters by coursework level of study) where available, to ensure the GPA includes at least 2 FTE years of graded results in the GPA calculation. 

Ungraded Fails

Ungraded fails are included in the GPA calculation. Both the result and credit value/weighting will be considered. They are awarded a GPA grade of 0.

Minimal results in the current year of study

Where an applicant has only 0.25 FTE (or less) of results for their final GPA year at the end of semester 1 of the application year, the Faculty will include older study, where available. Where no older study is available, the Faculty will calculate the GPA on only the "GPA Final-1" and "GPA Final-2" years.  In this instance, if an applicant is made an offer, it will be conditional upon their performance in all units in their final year (see information below about conditional offers).

Exchange studies

The Faculty will use the results that appear on the home university‚Äôs transcript (in most cases this is an ungraded pass or an ungraded fail). Exceptions to this arise when an applicant has ungraded passes amounting to more than 1/3 of their most recent 3 FTE years of study (i.e. more than 1 FTE). In this situation, the Faculty may also need to look at the actual percentage or letter-grade results graded by the host University. Please contact the Faculty for further information.

Credit/Exemptions/Advanced Standing

GPA is calculated from the most chronologically recent 3 years EFT of study.  That is, units that an applicant has actually physically undertaken in the most recent 3 years EFT rather than which units have been applied as credit, exemptions, or advanced standing to the most recent degree. For example, an applicant transfers from one degree to another and credit/exemption/advanced standing for 1.5 years EFT is shown on the most recent transcript, with a further 1.5 years EFT of units undertaken in the new degree.  The 1.5 years of exemptions will be ignored and instead the most recent 1.5 years EFT of eligible degree study units will be taken from the previous degree transcript. 

Repeated Units/Subjects

Applicants who successfully complete a unit(s)/subject(s) and subsequently repeat the same unit(s)/subject(s) (or equivalent) within any qualification (including Not for Degree study) will not have the repeated unit(s)/subject(s) included in their GPA calculation.

However, if the applicant has failed the unit(s)/subject(s) and subsequently repeats the same unit(s)/subject(s), then the standard GPA rules apply. i.e.  all units completed within the most recent three years of valid full time or equivalent (FTE) study will be included in the calculation.

Not for degree studies

Applicants who have undertaken bachelor level units as part of "not for degree" studies in their most recent three years EFT of study will not have these results included in the GPA calculation unless the amount of study constitutes more than 0.5 EFT study. Where there is no more than 0.5 EFT of not for degree, bachelor level units, the GPA calculation will be calculated on the most recent three years EFT excluding these results. Where there is more than 0.5 EFT of not for degree, bachelor level units, the GPA will be calculated based on the most recent three years EFT including these results.  Please contact the Faculty for further information.

Degree Completion - Conditional Offers

Applicants who are eligible for a course offer but are studying (at any level including postgraduate level) in semester two the year prior to commencement will be made a conditional offer requiring them to maintain a minimum GPA of 5.5 for semester 2 of the final year of their degree. Applicants who have not yet completed their initial bachelor degree will also be required to complete their bachelor degree by the end of the year prior to commencement as part of their offer conditions. 

Please note that if you are completing your initial bachelor degree and undertake a course of action that will result in you receiving late results, you may not meet offer conditions by the required deadline, i.e. the end of December the year prior to commencement, which will result in your offer being withdrawn. Therefore take care when undertaking any course of action that could delay your results or degree completion. This may include undertaking deferred/supplementary exams, undertaking units that fall outside normal semesters (e.g. summer units or trimester units) or going on exchange. If you anticipate any problems, please contact the Faculty as soon as possible to determine whether your offer will be withdrawn.



* The completed undergraduate degree must be from an Australian university or a Higher Education Institution recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework, or a recognised Bachelor qualification listed in the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR)