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Graduate Entry to MD - International Applicants



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There is a Graduate Pathway available for International applicants for the Doctor of Medicine (MD).  

Doctor of Medicine (MD):

  • Commenced in 2014.


Approximately 20 places  

Entry requirements:

Recommended and Prerequisite subjects:

Application process:


  • GAMSAT and/or MCAT results for the MD (2018 applications for 2019 entry) are required to be submitted by 31 May 2018.  If you will receive your MCAT results soon after this date, please contact the Faculty for eligibility advice.

Final ranking:

  • Final ranking for the MD is based equally on GAMSAT/MCAT, GPA and Interview.

Course offers:

  • Course offers are normally made from August onwards.


  • Students to the MD may be eligible to defer their place for a period of one year.


Registration upon completion of the MD:

Changes to Residency Status

Places in the MD and DMD are subject to quotas.  If you have applied or are intending to apply for Australian Permanent Residency or Citizenship, please be aware of the following implications for your application:

  • If you receive an offer for an International place and there is a change to your Residency status before you commence, your offer will lapse.  You will need to re-apply the following year for a Domestic place.
  • If your residency status changes after you have commenced in the MD or DMD, you cannot be guaranteed a Domestic place in that course.  If a Domestic place were not available you would be able to complete the course but would be subject to International fees.