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International applicants to the Graduate Pathway to the Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) and Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) can either sit MCAT or GAMSAT.  

Applicants to Pharmacy do not require either GAMSAT or MCAT.

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a standardised, multiple‚Äźchoice examination designed to assess the examinee's problem solving, critical thinking, and knowledge of science concepts and principles prerequisite to health studies. Scores are reported in Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, and Biological Sciences. Information on the test can be found on the MCAT website.  


  • if applying for the MD or DMD, results must be submitted with a valid application, by 31 May the year preceding commencement. 
  • If applying for the DPM, results must be submitted with a valid application, the year preceding commencement.
  • MCAT scores are valid for two years
  • Applicants can sit the test from their penultimate year of bachelor study
  • Applicants require minimum test scores of 123/123/123/123 and an overall minimum of 492. 
  • It is recommended that applicants prepare for the test - information is available on the MCAT website
  • Applicants will be shortlisted for interview based equally on GAMSAT/MCAT and GPA