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Selection interviews for Medicine and Dentistry


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Interview attire

Applicants must dress appropriately for their interview, i.e. as if attending a professional job interview. This is preparation for being a future medicine or dentistry professional.  


Interview attendance

The interview is an important part of the selection process for medicine and dentistry as such should be treated with the respect and seriousness it deserves.

Interview preparation material is sent to applicants prior to the interview and should be read carefully.

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at The University of Western Australia (UWA) conducts its admissions interviews in the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format for all domestic medicine and dentistry applicants.  The MMI is an interview process that was developed at McMaster University in Canada and is now used by many of the Australian medical schools and others around the world.

  1. Interview process
  2. The interviewers
  3. Interview criteria
  4. Interview dates
  5. Interview preparation courses
  6. Interviews for domestic non-WA School Leaver applicants

Interview process

The UWA MMI model will consist of 8 stations.  A 10-minute time period will be allocated to each station, consisting of 2 minutes' preparation and 8 minutes for responding.  Five of the stations will consist of sets of questions, based on a preamble/scenario presented in the 2-minute preparation time.  One of the stations is for the Explaining Skill Exercise (School Leaver and Pharmacy applicants) or the Graduate Presentation Exercise (graduate applicants to medicine and dentistry).  The other two stations may include rest and/or preparation stations.   It is expected that two cycles of 8 stations will run at any given time.

The usual process on the day is for applicants to:

  1. Register and speak with student helpers who are usually current medical or dental students (student helpers are not aware of interview content and can only provide general advice on personal experience and the course).
  2. Prepare for the Explaining Skills Exercise (school leavers) or the Graduate Presentation Exercise (graduates)
  3. Undertake the MMI. (All applicants will be asked exactly the same questions in exactly the same manner, so that everybody's interview is as similar as possible.)
  4. Eligible Dentistry applicants must also complete a Spatial Awareness test.

The whole process (arrival to departure) is expected to take approximately 140 minutes for medicine applicants and approximately 190 minutes for dentistry applicants.

Applicants who qualify for an interview for more than one course, will only be interviewed for their higher preference course.  The results from that interview will then be used for other eligible courses. 

Applicants shortlisted for an interview will be sent further information about the day and the nature of the interview closer to the applicable interview period.

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The Interviewers

There will be one interviewer assessing applicants in each station.  Interviewers will either be a community representative or a University representative. 

Assessors attend training annually.

It is possible that a second interviewer will be present in a station room to observe as a:

  • moderator (Senior interviewer to ensure the correct process is being followed); or
  • a new interviewer learning the process.

In either case, the second interviewer does not have a formal role in the assessment of the applicant.

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Interview criteria

The purpose of the interview is to allow applicants an opportunity to display some of the personal qualities considered desirable in medical and dental practitioners.

There are seven criteria used in the interview each year.  All criteria (except Communication Skills) will be assessed in a specific station.  Communication Skills will be assessed globally across all stations.  

The list of criteria for the interview has been consolidated into nine topics, three of which will be constant across years:

  • Communication Skills
  • Explaining Skills (School Leaver applicants) or Graduate Presentation Exercise (Graduate applicants)
  • Motivation/Commitment to a career in medicine, dentistry or pharmacy.

The remaining four criteria will be selected each year from the following six:

  • Awareness of social diversity
  • Provision of assistance
  • Self-awareness
  • Trust and trustworthiness
  • Values and ethics
  • Working with others

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Interview dates

Applicants must attend their interview in person and are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.  There are no telephone, video-conference or skype interviews.  Please note that not all dates will be available within the periods listed below.

  • mid-July in Hong Kong (panel interviews - eligible international applicants).  
  • mid-late July in Singapore (panel interviews - eligible international applicants).
  • late July - early August in Canada (panel interviews - eligible international applicants). 
  • August in Perth (panel interviews - eligible international applicants).
  • Late September/early October in Perth (eligible domestic graduate medicine and dentistry applicants). 
  • Late November/early December in Perth (eligible WA medicine and dentistry School Leaver applicants).  
  • Mid-late January in Perth (eligible WA medicine and dentistry School Leaver applicants who were previously on academic reserve).
  • Mid-late January in Perth  (eligible Interstate medicine and dentistry School Leaver applicants).

Applicants must attend an interview within their given interview period and are not able to switch to another period.  Therefore applicants should ensure they are available during the applicable interview period. Please contact the faculty with any queries.

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Interview preparation courses

The Faculty does not recommend or endorse any interview preparation courses.  We do not release any information relating to our interview to any third party.  Interview questions are changed each year. Therefore applicants will benefit more from generic interview preparation than preparation courses aimed specifically at UWA medicine and dentistry. 

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Interviews for domestic non-WA School Leaver applicants - January interviews

We are aware of the considerable difficulties and expense involved in arranging travel and accommodation in WA during December. Consequently, we have implemented a process for eligible interstate School Leaver applicants to reserve an interview place for selected dates during January.

If you are offered a UWA interview (and accept it), you will not travel to Perth in December. Instead, you are guaranteed an interview (should you still desire it) after first-round offers are made in mid-January, provided you obtain the minimum academic threshold.

Mid to late January interviews do not harm an applicant's chance of receiving an offer for medicine or dentistry. 

Applicants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

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