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For people interested in news on our postgraduate courses in Health Professional Education.

Application form for domestic applicants 

This form is for domestic applicants. You should also read the how to apply information.

Applicants for Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) and Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) follow a different application process.

Submit the completed application form, together with original or certified documents to:

The Manager (Student Affairs),

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, M500
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley, Perth
Western Australia 6009

We offer a range of coursework programs including Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master courses for those seeking to begin or continue their learning journey with UWA.

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Diploma

Master's degree by coursework

Combined postgraduate (coursework only and thesis only)

Master's degree by research (thesis and coursework)

Clinical Doctorates

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