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Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Sleep Science


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International students

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In addition to the attachments required in the application form applicants who are not graduates of this University must submit an original transcript or certified copy of their academic record for all tertiary qualifications to date.


Scholarships are available for domestic students and international students.

Key information

  • 24 credit points
  • 1 year part time
  • Course code: 91250
  • Intake periods: July and February (February if sufficient demand)
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Unit dates

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This is an online course providing tuition to achieve expertise in the scientific measurement, diagnosis, assessment and clinical study of paediatric sleep science.

This course is aimed at a wide cross-section of health professionals and will be of interest to sleep scientists, physicians, general practitioners, and allied health workers who wish to improve their understanding of the scientific principles that underpin clinical measurement in these areas of paediatrics.

The Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Sleep Science is a collaborative initiative by the School of Paediatrics and Child Health, and the Respiratory Department of Princess Margaret Hospital.

Advantages of this course

  • a prestigious University of Western Australia qualification without the need for students to leave their home countries
  • all materials, textbooks, electronic resources and fully functional respiratory or sleep diagnostic software
  • use of LMS - an innovative online learning system through which students can access learning materials, engage in discussion and complete assessments


The Graduate Certificate of Paediatric Sleep Science have been accredited by the European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology and students successfully completing the course will receive 220 CME credits.

Course outline

The Graduate Certificate of Paediatric Sleep Science consists of four units, each of 10 weeks in duration.

Each unit comprises five or six narrated lectures and an associated quiz, three assignments and an exam. An online bulletin board is used for discussions throughout the year.

It is estimated that the course would require five to six hours of your time, per week.

The units are:

Admission requirements

Admission to the Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Sleep Science requires the following:

  • A medicine, science or an allied health degree
  • To have computer facilities and access to the internet from their country of origin

Minimum computer requirements

Students must have regular access to an IBM compatible PC (Macintosh computers will not fulfil all course requirements) with the following minimum specifications:

  • Hardware: 512 Mb RAM or better, 1GHz CPU or faster and USB Port
  • Software: Due to diagnostic software supplied, students MUST use XP Professional as their operating system (Please note: XP Home, Windows 2008 or earlier and Windows Vista are not compatible).
  • Internet and E-mail access is essential. Microsoft Office 97 (Including Word, PowerPoint) is the minimum requirement and Office 2000 or later is strongly recommended.

English Language Competence

All UWA coursework programs have a minimum level of English language competence necessary, for both Domestic and International students.

Course enquiries

Administrative Assistant
School of Paediatrics and Child Health
Level 4 Administration Building
Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
Roberts Road, Subiaco WA 6008

Telephone: (+61 8) 9349 8591
Fax: (+61 8) 9388 2097
Email: gradcerts@meddent.uwa.edu.au