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Master of Laboratory Medicine


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Key information

  • 96 credit points
  • 4 trimesters full time or 8 trimesters part time
  • Course code: 92530
  • Intake periods: to be announced

Important Dates


Trimester 1, 2013: to be announced.


Trimester 2, 2013: to be announced.


This course provides an in-depth knowledge of the chemical pathophysiological basis of disease.

While developing proficiency in advanced laboratory techniques and expertise in the logical use and interpretation of laboratory tests, students also acquire knowledge of the scientific basis of biochemical tests, the statistical tools for assessment of their value and reliability, and expertise in the computing and laboratory information systems.

Course outline

The Master of Laboratory Medicine is a 96 point course consisting of 36 points of core units and 60 points of discipline specific units. The core units cover clinical laboratory skills (two 6 point units), research communication (6 points), a research proposal unit (6 points), and a research project unit (12 points). A total of 10 six point discipline specific units must also be completed. The course will be taught on a trimester basis and students will have access to clinical laboratory resources and data at the School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UWA, and PathWest Laboratory Medicine. 

MLM Core Units

PATH5511    Clinical Laboratory Skills 1 
PATH5514    Clinical Laboratory Skills 2 
PATH5515    Research Communications
PATH5512    Research Project Proposal 
PATH5516    Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Genetics 

Clinical Biochemistry specialisation units

PATH5521    Pharmacogenetics, Drug Monitoring and Toxicology 
PATH5522    Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Newborn Screening and Paediatric Biochemistry 
PATH5524    Liver Function 
PATH5525    Electrolytes , Renal Function and Calculi 
PATH5526    Clinical Enzymology, Tumor Markers and Proteins 
PATH5527    Endocrine System 1 
PATH5528    Endocrine System 2 
PATH5520    Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk Markers; Iron 
PATH5529    Potassium and Acid-base Balance
PATH5513    Research Project                           

Clinical Immunology specialisation units

PATH5543    Principles of Human Immunology
PATH5544    Immunodeficiency 
PATH5545    Infectious Disease and Tumour Immunology 
PATH5546    Hypersensitivity and Allergy 
PATH5547    Autoimmunity 
PATH5548    Immunogenetics 
PATH5549    Transplantation Immunology 
PATH5550    Clinical Immunology Research Project                                               

Clinical Genetics specialisation units

PATH5553    Clinical Laboratory Cytogenetics Theory 
PATH5554    Clinical Laboratory Cytogenetics Practicum 
PATH5555    Mutation Detection—Laboratory Analytical Methods 
PATH5556    Molecular Genetics Theory 
PATH5557    Molecular Genetics Practicum 1 
PATH5558    Molecular Genetics Practicum 2 
PATH5559    Immunogenetics 
PATH5560    Clinical Genetics Research Project                                                   

Surgical Pathology specialisation units

PATH5545     Infectious disease and Tumour Immunology 
PATH5531     Foundations of Surgical Pathology 
PATH5532     Surgical Anatomy, Grossing Techniques and Histology 
PATH5533     Surgical Pathology 1 – Genito-urinary and Dermatopathology 
PATH5534     Surgical Pathology 2 – Gastro-intestinal and Hepato-pancreatic 
PATH5535     Surgical Pathology 3 – Breast and Respiratory 
PATH5536     Surgical pathology 4 – Haemato-lymphoid and Endocrine 
PATH5537     Surgical Pathology 5 - Soft Tissue and Bone 
PATH5538     Surgical Pathology 6 – Neuropathology, Head and Neck 
PATH5530     Anatomical Pathology Research Project 

Admission requirements

Subject to University General Rule, the admission requirements for this course are:

  • a Bachelor of Science degree from this University, or equivalent as approved by the Faculty; and a minimum of five years' postgraduate clinical laboratory experience (NATA accredited or equivalent) that may include up to one year of experience in another discipline within laboratory medicine;


  • a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree or equivalent medical qualification recognised by the Faculty; and a minimum of five years postgraduate clinical laboratory experience (NATA accredited or equivalent) that may include up to one year of experience in another discipline within laboratory medicine.

English Language Competence

All UWA coursework programs have a minimum level of English language competence necessary, for both Domestic and International students.

Course enquiries

Course Co-ordinator
 Liam O’Connor

Enquiries: Pauline Ferguson
Telephone: (+61 8) 9346 2499