Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Broadening Units


An exciting feature of UWA's new undergraduate courses is the introduction of broadening units.

These units are a requirement of all five bachelor’s degrees and will provide you with knowledge beyond the fields in which you choose to specialise. You will be required to take four broadening units from outside your degree area, including at least one with a global or cultural focus.

The new broadening requirements will give you the opportunity to study a diverse range of subjects as part of your degree and gain an understanding of different methods of enquiry. You may choose to study units that are of a particular interest to you or which add extra value to your primary degree area.

How does it work?

Broadening units fall into two categories, A and B. At least one of the four units needs to be chosen from Category A. These units focus on some aspect of the globalised and culturally diverse environment.

The remaining three units can be taken from Category A and/or Category B. Category B comprises an extensive range of electives from any discipline outside the degree for which you are enrolled (subject to meeting unit prerequisites). Units studied as part of a second major chosen from another degree can count towards your Category A and/or B broadening requirements.

You may take your broadening units at any time during your degree. When you enrol at UWA you will be provided with further information and advice to help you design your own study plan. This will help you determine where your broadening units will fit into your undergraduate course.

Category A - broadening units offered by the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

IMED2200 - Mental Wellbeing for Today's World 
PHAR1101 - Drugs that Changed the World 
PUBH1102 - Health and Globalisation
PUBH2209 - Plagues, Pox and Pandemics: the History of Death and Disease            
SCIE2100 - Social Responsibility in Action               

How do I fulfill my Category A requirements?

• Study a Category A unit
• Study Overseas
• Study a language other than English

How do I fulfill my Category B requirements?

Category B broadening units can be chosen from any area outside those in your specific degree, including Category A and language other than English units, provided you have fulfilled any unit prerequisites.

You can either choose to study a range of electives as your category B units or take them as part of a second major chosen from outside your degree. Units studied overseas as part of an approved Study Abroad or Student Exchange program may also be eligible for consideration as a Category B broadening unit.

There are many interesting Category B options as nearly all units offered at a Level 1 undergraduate level can be selected as Category B broadening units, giving you hundreds of choices.