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The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences IT Unit has responsibility for the management and support of IT systems in the Faculty, associated Schools and Centres.


Consultation on IT solutions

The IT Unit maintains a pool of expertise in most areas of Information Technology and can advise on potential resolutions to challenges being met. Through the Manager, the Unit remains abreast of IT developments University wide and can factor opportunities and challenges presented by them into advice given.

Email and Calendaring

Email and calendaring services can be made available to staff from PCs, Macintosh computers, PDAs and the Web.

Hardware support and maintenance

IT Unit staff will provide support for hardware as requested provided it’s an efficient use of support effort. Priority support will be provided for equipment owned by the Faculty/School/Centre with a current warranty or an extended maintenance agreement.

Software installation and support

IT Unit staff can provide advice on software available under agreements made by the University for University owned hardware or University staff, and can install those products if required. In the event a requirement can’t be met using these products, IT Unit staff should be consulted regarding suitable alternative products to ensure the product chosen will work effectively with existing systems.

Faculty website management

The IT Unit manages the FMDHS website accessible from the UWA homepage. This site contains information for staff and the public as well as web applications for various online booking and information systems. The Unit can also provide web services and advice including assistance with content, hosting, investigation of web applications and negotiation with external bodies on web related issues.

Networked file storage

The IT unit can provide network storage capacity for personal folders, shared storage areas for collaborative work or administrative management, email storage, and databases. Supported areas may be asked to contribute to the cost of storage hardware.

User account creation and management

IT Unit staff can provision and manage network user accounts to allow access to the internet and UWA resources. 

Data backup

The IT Unit carries out regular backups of data stored on its servers. Full backups (weekly) and incremental backups (generally daily) of data stored on servers are conducted. The frequency of backups and the length of time backups are retained are negotiable according to the requirements of the relevant authority. Backup media in use is stored in a secure location for short term recovery (eg Disaster Recovery) and long term archival purposes. Supported areas are expected to contribute to the cost of backup tapes.

Server maintenance

The IT Unit supports existing servers that provide various centrally provisioned services (eg email, file sharing), and can provide server management services for other services, including dedicated servers for specific uses, on request.

Network management

The IT Unit maintains the local IT network including liaison with UWA ITS, firewall and router/switch management and hardware refresh. Supported areas are expected to contribute to the cost of network hardware.

Student computer labs

The Faculty provides and maintains student computer labs at various teaching locations (Campus and Hospitals). For more information on these labs refer to Student Net Computer facilities.

Asset management

The IT Unit maintains a database of IT related assets to assist with device configuration, purchasing records, warranty issues, ownership and replacement.