Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences



Define your focus and objectives when you first meet with your observer.

The observation checklist is divided into six sections related to general teaching areas, plus three sections related to specific teaching situations.

If your observed session is to be a lecture or a tutorial/workshop you may only want to select items from the general sections.

If your session is to be one of the specific teaching situations (clinical teaching, laboratory/practical session or a PBL/CBL) you may want to select from the points which are specific to that style of teaching and/or some of the general points.

Choice of items

The choice of items will be guided by the objectives of the observation and the particular aspects of your teaching that you would like feedback on. You can choose the items in collaboration with your observer or select them yourself.

  • Select between ten and twenty items for observation.
  • Copy and paste them into the table in your personal checklist.
  • You may want to devise some items of your own in collaboration with the observer.
  • Decide whether or not you want to use the rating scale, or if you just want comments from your observer.
  • Complete your personal checklist form and email a copy to your observer.
  • Print a copy for yourself to remind you of the details of the observation and to serve as a basis for your own reflection after the teaching session.