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Access to printers across campus for UWA Students


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Further information

If you need additional information about printing contact us;


Printing services are available in student labs and libraries.


Quota for MBBS Students

MBBS undergraduate students have $30 credited to their Campus Cards per semester to fund 300 printed pages through the UWA student printing service.

Unused funds are not rolled over to subsequent semesters. If the credit doesn’t appear on your card after the beginning of semester contact the ServiceDesk online, or by email.

Adding value to your card

Pheme account holders can check their Campus Card Account's activity and add value to it using Visa and MasterCard credit cards only, by visiting the Campus Card website. Simply login with your Pheme credentials to access this service.

Autoloaders are located through the UWA subject libraries and can add credit via cash (coins and notes) or via EFTPOS.

To add credit to your card, follow the instructions on the autoloader. Remember that autoloaders do not give change so don't put a $20 note in the machine if you want only a dollar's worth of credit added.

Using your card to print

Printing Terminal
  1. After you have added credit to your card you are ready to use the copiers and printers. Each printer and copier has a terminal attached to it.  Wave your card over the right-hand side (above the words ‘TAG YOUR CARD HERE') and you will be logged into the device.
  2. Select" print to the LI print.< press and release want you job then choose Print?>
  3. You will see the price displayed as if you were printing on a colour printer, even though you may be planning on using a black and white printer.  If you do use a black and white printer, you’ll only be charged black and white prices.>
  4. All copiers copy and print in both mono and colour, and can scan to to email or to your network home directory.



Cost per copy/print on MFPs
  • 5¢ per mono A4 side.
  • 10¢ per colour A4 side.
  • 10¢ per mono A3 side.
  • 20¢ per colour A3 side.
Cost per print on wide format printers
  • $4 per mono square metre.
  • $8 per colour square metre.

Further details about printing services and costs can be found here.

Printing tips

  • Print to the “global” printer, and your print files are held in a secure queue. You can release your print job(s) from any student printer at your own convenience, up until 12 hours later.
  • All student printers use your CampusCard to identify your files in the global print queue, and to pay for your printouts.
  • To print your document, tag your CampusCard at any of the student printers on campus. Select the document/s you wish to print, and press Print.
  • Replenish CampusCard funds by cash or EFTPOS from within any library using UWA Autoloaders, or by secure funds transfer over the internet by selecting ”online account” from the Campus Card Website.