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The aim of the Faculty Infection Control Policy is to minimise as far as possible the risks to both students and patients from coming to harm by passing infections between each other.

By adhering to the requirements of the policy, you will also be complying with policies established by the Health Department of Western Australia, the Medical Board of Australia and those of the teaching hospitals in which you will be working.  The guidelines are based on those detailed within the Australian Immunisation Handbook (10th edition, 2015).

The policy has been designed to deal with a range of particular infections that are known to pose risks to both patients and health care workers. In order to make the policy work effectively it is important that all students understand it and support it.

The Infection Control Officer 

The Infection Control Officer (ICO) is a medically qualified member of the Faculty with specialist qualifications in the field of microbiology/infectious diseases. The ICO is there to give you advice at any time regarding concerns you might have about catching infections from patents; or conversely, about passing on an infection to a patient. You can contact the ICO through the Faculty Office should you need to.

The ICO is a shared role - Dr Christine Pascott (Director of the UWA Medical Centre) and Dr John Terry (Consultant GP specialising in Travel Health), who can be contacted at QE II Medical Centre on 08 6488 2118. 

The full policy can be found below.