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Current Students is your resource for enrolment guides and information, course advice and more.


Information about the Student - Clinician Mentor and Student MDMentor Programs for MBBS students. 


Optional units available.

Clerkship Rotations

Student may nominate those colleagues they wish to join on rotations.

MBBS Year 4 Research and Discovery Unit 

An important opportunity to investigate a research problem in depth.

Unit information

Unit information listed by year. 

Policies, Guides and handbooks

MappEdOut help and the MBBS Year 4 Procedural Skills Handbook.

IT and printing help

Computer facilities, lab locations, IT help and printing costs and help.


Exams and Results


MD Elective Placement Scholarships and information and conditions on undergraduate, postgraduate and international scholarships, prizes and endowments.

New Courses Faculty advisers

Get advice on course choices.

Timetable information

 Information to assist you with managing your schedule of lectures, labs and tutorials.


Registration requirements for MBBS, BDent and BPodM graduates.

Student organisations 

Western Australian Medical Students' Society, The Australian Medical Students' Association, Students and Practitioners Interested in Rural Practice Health Education & Western Australian and Allied Health Interested In Bush Experience.

Life after graduation

Information on staying connected with the global network of UWA alumni.