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Assoc Prof Paul McGurgan

UWA Faculty of Medicine has two programs for the mentoring of medical students.

Doctors often have mentors to offer them support. These programs help students transition from being an undergraduate student to becoming a doctor.

Mentoring occurs when one individual with knowledge and experience assists with the learning and development of another. The UWA MD mentor programs are best thought of as frameworks which provide support for professional skills and relationships to develop. MBBS Students have been assigned their clinical mentors for this key component of the personal and professional development program.

The following information refers to the mentoring program for MBBS students. Students enrolled in the new MD course should view information on their mentoring programs here.

UWA Faculty of Medicine has two mentoring programs for medical student mentoring. Each program has a different emphasis and requirements.

Student – Clinician Mentoring

MBBS students joined the Student – Clinician Mentoring Program in Year 3. This program will continue for the remainder of the course.

UWA is the only Australian medical school to have a longitudinal mentoring program whereby all medical students have a clinical mentor involved in the student’s professional development for the duration of the course. This program has been a popular feature of the MBBS course for many years and is outlined in detail in the PPD Student Guidebook (Student – Clinician Mentoring Program and Portfolio).

The MD students will also have a clinical mentor program similar to the MBBS program.

The Student – Clinician Mentoring Program comprises of a minimum number of meetings and activities that must be completed for each academic year. As the mentor in this program is a qualified doctor, they have an important role in providing students with formative feedback and identifying if they need assistance in the course.

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Student MeDMentor Program

Students will be mentored by a more senior student, and may in turn mentor more junior students.

With the introduction of the MD course, the UWA Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with the Western Australian Medical Students Society (WAMSS) has expanded the UWA Student Services Unimentor program. This is called the Student MeDMentor Program. MBBS students are able to enrol and train as UniMentors becoming MeDMentors to the new MD students. This program is outlined in detail in the Student MeDMentor/Mentee Guidebook.

Being a mentor will enable you to develop important professional skills which will useful in your career. The Australian Medical Association “Role of the Doctor” Position Statement 2011 emphasises the importance of being a mentor as a doctor. Although you have not experienced formal mentoring by a more senior medical student in the MBBS course, the Faculty in collaboration with UWA UniMentoring program has provided a comprehensive training program for senior students (Year 4 on) to become MeDMentors.

The time commitment will vary depending on how your MeDMentee relationship evolves, but there is a minimum expectation that you should meet your MeDMentee twice per year. The MeDMentor Program is designed to be a useful means for you to develop your professional skills in mentoring and have minimal administration activities. There is a Faculty prize for MeDMentors who are nominated by their MeDMentee for exceptional mentoring ability. 

Become a Student MeDMentor

To be part of the program, students must first complete the registration form on the Career Hub website. If you have not used Career Hub before use your UWA student ID and Pheme password.

  1. Complete the UWA UniMentor program. UniMentor's Recruitment, Training and Development Program are all managed through Career Hub.
  2. After registration there are five Key Stages to qualify as a UniMentor.
Stage 1: Complete three elements of Mandatory UniMentor Training.
i) Online Training Module                    
ii) UniMentor Development Day 
iii) Cultural Competency Training

Stage 2: Book into and attend one of the Orientation Briefing Events.

Stage 3: Book into and attend the UniMentor Campus Tour and Link up Events and submit your Group Submission form.

Stage 4: Book into and attend the UniMentor Week 2 Event.

Stage 5: Maintain Continuous Contact with your Mentees.

3. Contact PPD Admin to register as a MeDMentor.

If you have not yet been nominated a Student MeDMentee you will be placed on the MeDMentor Program list and allocated as appropriate.

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