Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Student - Clinician Mentor Program


Further Information


PDM Academic Services Officer
Deborah Chapman

E: ppdmed-fmdhs@uwa.edu.au
P: (+61 8) 6457 1886
F: (+61 8) 6457 1665

Postal Address:

Medical School, MBDP: M516
UWA Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway, Crawley 6009 WA

PDM Co-ordinator
Assoc Prof Paul McGurgan


PPD Student Guidebook and Portfolio

PPD Interview Record Sheet

(Found in appendices of Guidebook)

To be submitted via post, fax or email by the first Monday of September.

Late submissions will not be accepted.

MBBS Students have been assigned their clinical mentors for this key component of the personal and professional development program.

Students enrolled in the new MD program should view information on their mentoring programs here.

Mentoring is when a person with knowledge and experience assists with the learning and development of someone else.

This is a compulsory component of your study which will be assessed.

1. Your role as a student

You can approach your mentor to discuss issues and ideas, and complete assigned tasks, and even ask for feedback or advice to clarify situations.

The mentor's questions and comments may help you see another perspective, consider other options, and review your plans or actions.

Whatever the matter discussed, it is you the student who must make decisions, or take the required action within professional, University and hospital guidelines.

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2. Minimum requirements

1. Meeting with your mentor

Students should meet with their mentors to discuss personal and professional development at least twice in Year 5 and once in Year 6. It cannot be overstated that you will benefit from meeting with your mentor more frequently, as they have a wealth of information and experience to offer which will assist in your development as a clinician.

2. Ensure that your Interview Record Sheets are submitted to the Faculty

The deadline for submission of the Interview Record Sheet is the first Monday of September.  It must be submitted to ppdmed-fmdhs@uwa.edu.au. Contact details as provided under Further information.

A tip for ensuring your interview record is submitted on time

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the Interview Record Sheet is submitted to the Faculty on time.

If you take a copy of the form to your meeting, you may find it easier to get a signature from your mentor, who can give the form back to you at the same time. This means you can keep a copy and also ensure that your interview record is submitted by the due date.

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