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The final report will be worth 50 per cent of your final mark so it is important that you fully understand what is involved.

Introduction and Methods

You will be required to prepare an Introduction and Methods section for their project, formatted according to the requirements of the journal you have chosen to model your report after. This is submitted to the Supervisor for comments and is, after discussion, revised by you. You should also read about research writing.

Some projects will involve the use of questionnaires to collect qualitative data in a way that can be analysed scientifically.

While the Introduction and Methods is assessed as part of the final mark, it is also important for supervisors to provide, and students to accept, constructive feedback on the scientific writing. This section will be amended according to the feedback obtained and included with the results and discussion sections in the Final Report. It is therefore important that the students receive feedback on this report.

Final Report

This final report will include:


The final assessment carries a total weight of 80 per cent of the final grade. This is divided 50 per cent to the final report and 30 per cent to individual student assessment.

For the final report assessment supervisors are asked to pass the final report to an informed colleague for grading. Multiple final report assessments are welcomed and the supervisor(s) may also submit a grading form.

The individual student assessments are for the supervisor to assess the ability of students to work in a team environment and to participate equally and productively to the outcomes of the research. Generally one assessment form is completed for each student, however if  all members of a group are considered to have contributed equally a single common form may be completed provided the names of the students to whom the form applies are clearly stated.

To enable the reporting of student results to UWA, it is appreciated if the marks for the 3 assessed items (Introduction and Methods, Final Report and Participation and Professionalism) could be sent to the Unit Coordinator by Monday 14 October 2013.