Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Journal selection


In consultation with your group and supervisor, you will consider the journals that publish original articles in your area of research.


You will select one of the journals and follow the formatting instructions found in the Instructions for Authors for that journal. These instructions can often be found on-line at the journals' homepages, or in print copies of the journal. On the title page of your report the heading: For submission to ,should be added.

Impact factor

Consider the impact factor (available as an online resource from the UWA Library) of the journal you are choosing. For example, the impact factor of the journal Science is approximately 28.956, reflecting its position as one of the world's leading scientific journals. Articles in this journal are at the cutting edge of their fields and tend to be very important scientifically. If you model your report on this journal you would also want to ensure that your report is complete, concise, highly original and important.

On the other hand, the journal Science & Sport has an impact factor of approximately 0.158, reflecting its content of articles of more modest importance. Although the formatting requirements are not likely to be any less arduous than any other journal its choice might undersell the importance of your work and would only be chosen with specific reasons.

Overall the consideration of the impact factor of your chosen journal may guide you (and your supervisor) in considering the relative importance of your work in the context of its field of research and help clarifying the truly novel and important results of your project.

Incomplete projects, that is those that require more work to prove hypotheses or clarify the meaning of results, are not penalised and do not necessarily need to be assigned to low-impact journals. Rather, the paragraphs that consider what additional work needs to be done, what it will tell you and how it will influence the importance of the results you have obtained will reflect the true importance of the complete work and thus determine its impact.