Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences



There are some simple rules to follow when you are ready to submit your report.

The completed report, in the correct format, should be sent by email (at the same time) to your supervisors and the IMED450 Unit Coordinator.

Reports should be emailed as an attachment in Word (.doc or .rtf) or Portable Document File (.pdf) format. Large or multi-part submissions may be compressed (.zip). Paper copies are no longer required for the Unit Coordinator, but you should ask your supervisors if they require a hard copy..

The date of receipt of your emailed reports by the Coordinator will be deemed as the official submission date, not the date your supervisors, colleagues, friends or family receive your report.

All reports should have a title page that indicates:

  • the project title
  • all project group members
  • supervisor(s)
  • school or institute of the principal supervisor.

Also include the Project Tracking Number (Rnnn) on the title page, and as the first four (4) characters of the title of any email attachment (for example, R123 IntroandMethods.doc). Reports not clearly indicating this information will be returned.

If you are at a teaching hospital or UWA you can send hard copies of your reports to anyone that requires them by internal mail.