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MappEdOut glossary of terms

Term Description
Assessment Appraising/assessing academic work or performance
Assessment Form The form that the student will be assessed in, e.g. oral, written assignment
Assessment Method The method by which the student will be assessed, e.g. Oral-Presentation, Written Assignment Report
Alignment When teaching and learning experiences, assessments are aligned with the stated learning outcomes
Annotated Bibliography A list of articles with a short description
Attachment Rating A student's overall performance in a workplace setting includes clinical attachment feedback
Course A programme of study
Case Based Discussion A discussion focused on a case or cases
Concept Map A map showing concepts and links
Direct Observation of Procedural Skill A student is observed while performing a procedural skill or skills
Discussions Assessing performance in discussion
Educational Principle The principles that guide course design and development
Essay A question that calls for a written answer of a specified length
Exam Oral, Viva or an encounter with a patient
Formative Assessment Assessment of a student's work and providing feedback to assist learning, without necessarily contributing to the overall grade
Generic Outcome Transferable general knowledge, skills, abilities and concepts developed during a course of study
Graduate Outcome Specific knowledge, skills and abilities developed by the end of a course of study
Journal A record of occurrences
Learning Outcome (LO) LO are statements of what students will be able to do, as a result of a learning activity
Literature Review A literature review on a topic
Log Book A book where a record of work is kept
Mini Clinical Exercise Observation of a focussed encounter between student and a patient
Modified Essay Questions The sequential disclosure of a scenario as student respond to each part
Objective test item An item in a test that has a pre-determined answer, e.g. MCQs
Observed encounter Consultation with the patient is observed, recorded and or assessed, video consultation
Observed long case A long case where student is observed while interacting with patient usually followed by discussion
Portfolio The gathering and presentation of pieces of a student's work
Poster A graphical representation of a given task
Practical task A student is assessed on the performance of a skill or the end product
Presentation A verbal presentation or a formal presentation about a clinical learning experience
Problem Based Learning Assessing performance in PBL , may include participation, knowledge base and communication or a written report on a Problem Based Learning case
Project An individual or group assignment, models
Proposal A research proposal
Reflection A piece of writing reflecting on a learning experience
Report Case based article, Evidence Based Medicine, critical enquiry question
Research Manuscript A research article e.g. abstract, or article
Search Word Words that are included in the thesaurus and have been used to classify outcomes for searching
Short Answer Questions A descriptive response which is less than a paragraph
Simulation A simulated interaction, role play
Specific Learning Outcome Detailed statements of what students will be able to do as a result of a learning experience
Strand A single thread of content that is part of a theme
Structured Exam Includes Observed Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE), Observed Structured Practical Exam (OSPE), DMPT
Summative Assessment Assessment that contributes to a students overall grade or mark
Teaching and Learning Activity A learning activity that a students or students complete as part of their study
Thesaurus A dictionary of terms
Theme Describe important professional characteristics and skills that students acquire during the course
Tutorials A student is assessed for their tutorial participation, may include preparation, knowledge, and/or discussion
Unit A single unit of teaching that contributes towards a whole course/programme
Unit Learning Outcome (ULO) A statement of what students will be able to do, as a result of learning activities in a unit
Workbook A book where a record of work completed or questions are answered
Year Learning Outcome (YLO) A statement describing what students will be able to do as a result of completing a year in a course

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