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Using the Library

The libraries at UWA maintain many resources.

Project resources

There is a large selection of projects from which you can choose.

New projects are added frequently. You should check the list of projects regularly for updates if you haven't found a project that suits you.

  1. Current projects
  2. Selecting a project
  3. Suggesting a project

Current projects

You can access our list of projects to find out more information and, if interested, discuss with your group and contact the supervisor for more information.

  • Projects that appear as 'OPEN: <project name>' are still accepting students.
  • If the project has a Project Tracking Number (Rnnn), it has been taken and not accepting any more participants. Approved project titles appear as 'Rnnn: <project title>'.

When selecting a project it is important to discuss carefully the requirements with your potential supervisor and your group. A group of three students is generally the maximum number of students in each group. 

When looking at individual projects, a '0' beside the maximum number of students indicates that the project does not have defined number of students. You should approach the supervisor for details. If you find that a project is not accepting any more students contact the Unit Coordinator advising this and identify the project name.

Rural Health Projects / Rural Health Specialisation

A wide variety of projects are available and involve research in regional Western Australia. Travel and accommodation are arranged through The Rural Clinical School of WA.

For details contact A/Prof Denese Playford
Denese.Playford@uwa.edu.au 0421-562-872.

Aboriginal Health Projects / Aboriginal Health Specialisation

Projects are available by contacting the CAMDH team

Paula Edgill Paula.Edgill@uwa.edu.au

Christine Clinch Christine.Clinch@uwa.edu.au

Craig Allen Craig.Allen@uwa.edu.au

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Selecting a project 

When you and a supervisor have agreed on a project you must ask the supervisor to email the Unit Coordinator with the preferred:

  • student names (for example, if your name is David but you prefer to be called Dave)
  • email
  • phone number. 

This must come from the supervisors' email.

Download the 'Student Sign-up Sheet' form below and email it, in one email from the group, to your supervisor with a request to forward the email to the Unit Coordinator.

Your project and your involvement in it are recognised only after a Project Tracking Number (Rnnn) has been assigned. Projects are not closed or assigned until the Project Tracking Number has been assigned. If the project does not appear at all on this page it is not being assessed for IMED 4501/4502.

The Project Tracking Number (Rnnn; assigned by the Unit Coordinator) is not the same as the Project ID=nnn that identifies the web page (assigned by the website).

If you have selected and been assigned to a project you will need to consider the steps you need to take to complete the first major submission in the IMED450 year.

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Suggesting a project

If there is a project you would like to suggest for consideration, then you can download the below form and email it to the Unit Coordinator or submit the project online.