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There are procedures to follow and timelines to be observed when submitting your work.

Make sure you are aware of all of them.

  1. Introduction and methods
  2. Complete data collection or lab work
  3. Final report

Introduction and methods

Introduction and methods details of relevant project background and hypothesis (including references) and a description of research methods including study design and proposed methods of statistical analysis. This is to be formatted according to the Instructions for Authors of an appropriate journal. This section is worth 20% of your final mark.

Submission process
Submit to supervisor. Assessment is based on the first submitted copy. However, once comments are received, discuss further if necessary and make appropriate revisions.
Due date
Monday, June 24 2013.

Complete data collection or lab work

You should complete data collection and lab work four weeks prior to the report's due date.

Submission process
No submission required, but this is important to ensure time to write report.
Due date
Monday, 20 August 2013.


Final Report

For the Final Report, you combine (amended) Introduction and Methods with Abstract, Results, Discussion, expanded References, Figures and Figure Legends. The report is to be formatted to relevant journal requirements.. This part is worth 50% of your final mark.

Submission process
Email to the Unit Coordinator. Submit to supervisor by hard copy or email (depending on the supervisor's preference) for assessment.
Due date
Monday, September 23 2013.

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Professional Conduct

At the end of the year, your supervisor grades your contribution to the project in the areas of your professional approach, attendance, communication and participation. Their evaluation comprises 30% of the year’s mark.