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While many projects run from beginning to end on time and to plan, projects may not always go according to plan.

  1. Deadline
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The IMED4501/4502 is a required fourth year unit and successful completion is required for enrollment in fifth year Medicine. The 'official' deadline for final reports is 23 September 2013.

Your final marks are not required at that point, only the submission of the report to the Unit Coordinator and supervisor.

From that point, the Unit Coordinator will arrange to get all course marks and you have effectively completed the unit requirements, although whether you have passed will depend on the final marks. If a report is not provided by close of business on September 23, and no prior arrangement has been made with the Unit Coordinator, the unit will be deemed to be incomplete and an Ungraded Fail (UF) will be awarded.

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Submission options

If you know that you are not proceeding to fifth year and you will at some point be repeating fourth year you may still complete your approved IMED450 project and apply for an exemption for the unit when re-enrolling in fourth year. 

If completion of the IMED450 Final Report does not appear likely by the deadline, you must inform the IMED450 Unit Coordinator as soon as possible and before the due date of the Final Report. In some cases an alternative deadline might be available although this is at the discretion of your supervisor and the IMED450 Coordinator. Email the Unit Coordinator providing a brief progress report and a reason for a request for an extension. You must also submit a Project Deadline Agreement (below) signed by each group member and your supervisor.

Project progress

Your research project may not have progressed to the point where your results are sufficiently complete for peer-reviewed publication. You will not be penalised for that in your Final Report.

In an instance where final conclusions cannot be drawn for lack of information, you will add additional paragraphs near the end of your Final Report that briefly describe the additional work that needs to be done and the expected outcomes that may occur as a result of that additional work.

Even where an extension has been granted, students that have not submitted all reports by the time of the meeting of the fourth year Board of Examiners at the beginning of November will be given an Ungraded Fail (UF).

Students are then given a supplementary opportunity to complete their projects and all reports by the time of the Supplementary and Deferred Board of Examiners meeting early the following January. At that point if all reports and assessments are complete an Ungraded Pass (UP) will be granted, otherwise the UF will be permanently recorded on the students' academic record. 

In an instance where reports have been submitted by agreed due dates and the supervisor has not returned a grade, students will be granted a Withheld (WH) designation for IMED 4501/4502 until the supervisor has completed the assessment. This also applies to students with extenuating circumstances that has have been given prior recognition by the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science

Under UWA guidelines any student who has an Ungraded Fail (UF) recorded at any time during the course of a degree is ineligible for an honours degree.

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