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Professor Sandra Carr

Faculty Associate Dean,
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Asst/Professor Sue Miller

Chair, Faculty Evaluation Committee

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  • Latest Course Evaluation Reports

Evaluation is considered an integral part of the education process within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and is overseen by the Faculty Evaluation Committee on behalf of the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee.

Our Goal is to establish an evaluation process that is visible, responsive, collaborative and useful; to enable a dynamic response to curriculum delivery in a positive education culture.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Work towards best practice in evaluation
  • Use evaluation findings for facilitating change
  • Communicate and collaborate with stakeholders

The Faculty invites students, teachers and our collaborators to participate in an ongoing cycle of curriculum development and improvement for the benefit of students and staff and our community.

What is Evaluation? Why Evaluate?
skills training
Find out about evaluation and what it can do to create a strong and relevant curriculum.   
How to Evaluate & the Evaluation Cycle
What you need to know about the the evaluation process and the evaluation cycle of educational quality improvement.
Faculty Evaluation Policy & Framework
Find the Faculty's Evaluation Policy and Procedures Manual and the evaluation framework.
Faculty Course Evaluation
Year 3 Photo
The faculty conducts annual Course Evaluation for each health professional course  - Dental Science, Health Science, Medicine, Nursing Science, Pharmacy, Podiatric Medicine and Social Work. Find out about our course evaluation. If you are a faculty student or staff member you can view the full course evaluation reports. 
Evaluation of Teaching - UWA Surveys
Course materials
The university conducts their own annual evaluation surveys. Find out about SPOT (Student Perception of Teaching) and SURF (Student Unit Reflective Feedback). 
Faculty Evaluation Committee
The Faculty Evaluation Committee is a sub-committee of the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee.  Learn about the role and responsibilities of the evaluation committee and how to contact us.  
Evaluation Websites & Resources
Explore other evaluation websites and resources for information and advice to help you with your evaluation activities.   
Contact Us
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The contact details for the Chair of the Evaluation Committee, the Faculty Education Centre and the University's Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL).