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Professor Sandra Carr
Faculty Associate Dean,
Teaching and Learning

Asst Professor Sue Miller
Chair, Faculty Evaluation Committee

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Within the service role the evaluation committee will conduct evaluation to assist in course development and curriculum revision, working with all stakeholders to ensure representation of all views. 

The Evaluation Committee aims to create a strategic, rigorous, relevant evaluation program, using a variety of methods, to improve curriculum, and inclusive of and of benefit to all stakeholders.

Course evaluation is required for all health professional courses in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. This includes continuous whole of course and year level evaluation of student and staff perceptions of course processes, content and outcomes.  Course evaluation should also collect evaluation data on specific areas of the curriculum and other relevant stakeholders, respond to the issues raised, make changes where appropriate and correlate to university and unit level evaluation. 

The Faculty has developed an Evaluation Policy and Procedures Manual which provides information for faculty stakeholders concerned with one of the health professional courses.