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Professor Sandra Carr
Faculty Associate Dean,
Teaching and Learning

Asst Professor Sue Miller
Chair, Faculty Evaluation Committee

Faculty Evaluation News

Unit level evaluation by the unit coordinator is strongly recommended by the Faculty Evaluation Committee.  The Committee will provide advice and support but does not conduct unit level evaluation.

Compulsory on-line evaluation is centrally coordinated for every unit in the University using the Student Unit Reflective Feedback (SURF) on-line survey. These results are immediately available to unit coordinators for review and action.  At the end of each semester these results are reviewed by the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor, the Dean and the Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) and unit coordinators are contacted directly to discuss problems that are identified and to be congratulated where units are performing extremely well.  Relevant results are also forwarded to each Head of School and are discussed by the Year Committees.

Students’ Unit Reflective Feedback (SURF) is a survey instrument developed at UWA in 2004 for student evaluation of their units. SURF results provide feedback to the University on students’ educational experiences and promote systemic responsiveness to this feedback. The 6-item questionnaire asks students to express disagreement/agreement on a 4-point scale with the following statements:

1.  It was clear what I was expected to learn in this unit.

2.  The assessment requirements were clearly stated.

3.  The assessment tasks were closely linked to the unit objectives.

4.  The unit was well organised.

5.  The learning resources (handouts, text, web resources, etc) were adequate for my study in the unit.

6.  Overall, this unit was a good educational experience.

Further information can be found on the SURF Webpage: https//www.surf.uwa.edu.au/admin/help/About.aspx