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What is Evaluation?

Evaluation is considered an integral part of the education process within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.  All academic communities should operate a plan-do-evaluate-act cycle to ensure high quality, well targeted teaching and learning opportunities.

Evaluation can be described as the systematic approach to collecting, providing and utilising information about an educational course or program to determine the nature, quality and efficiency of the teaching and learning in that course or program.

An educational curriculum should continually develop in response to the needs of the students, staff, institution and society.

Evaluation is necessary to ensure ongoing relevance, coherence, balance, and progression within a curriculum. Furthermore, the evaluation process provides an evidence base for subsequent judgement and decision making on curriculum development and revision. 

Evaluation can monitor the curriculum and should be viewed as a positive process that enables the strategic development, implementation and maintenance of a quality academic course or program.  

Why Evaluate?

There are many purposes of evaluation.  Evaluation can be conceptualised in terms of curriculum, teaching and learning, assessment and policy. The focus for evaluation is often centred on the curriculum, either in its development or maintenance, and teaching and learning. However, evaluation can be used to examine assessment tools and strategies and determine faculty policy in curriculum. 

Purposes of Evaluation

  • To facilitate curriculum development
  • To ensure curriculum outcomes are achieved
  • To inform the efficient allocation of teaching and learning resources
  • To ensure the course is of acceptable standard
Teaching and Learning
  • To ensure the teaching is meeting students' learning needs
  • To identify areas where teaching can be modified/improved
  • To provide feedback and encouragement to teachers and the faculty
  • To support applications for promotion and career development
  • To assess the outcome of assessments
  • To appraise the development and use of assessment tool
  • To monitor the appropriateness of assessment strategies
  • To determine future faculty education policy
  • To encourage instilling education values and standards
  • To provide surveillance of course/program
  • To facilitate the effective and efficient management of a course/program