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Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
Prof. Roland Kaiser

Manager (Student Affairs)
Ms. Deborah Leicester

Personal and professional development is one of the main themes of a health professions degree at UWA.

The FMDHS ‘Policy on Professional Behaviour for Students’ and associated procedural guidelines has been developed to facilitate a consistent and equitable approach to the recording, monitoring and evaluation of misconduct in the area of professionalism and professional behaviour of all students enrolled in coursework programs of study offered by the FMDHS.

Whilst this policy does not include students undertaking undergraduate majors and research degrees, it is recognised that all UWA students are governed by related policies at the University level. It is intended that the FMDHS Policy on Professional Behaviour for Students be read in conjunction with the UWA Regulations for Student Conduct and Discipline and UWA Guidelines on Ethical Scholarship, Academic Literacy and Academic Misconduct.


All unprofessional behaviour or professional misconduct must be reported.

In applying these guidelines, it is expected that each course will refer to the agreed principles of reporting, investigating and recording unprofessional behavior as outlined in Section 7 of the policy document using the following templates:


All reported misconduct will be forwarded for review to the Professional Behaviour Advisory Panel (PBAP) who will monitor the reporting and remediation processes applied by Schools. This panel will be chaired by the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) and will be convened on a per semester basis, reporting directly to the Dean.