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If you are a Service Organisation or University Researcher and are interested in proposing a Research or Service Learning Project you can do so online. For more general information, contact the relevant unit coordinator.

Scholarly activity is the component of the MD curriculum that enables the degree to be defined as an extended Masters course. It is made up of a group of four units, which may be selected from three streams: service, research or coursework streams.

While the scholarly activity component of the course has been designed to give students a wide range of choices, there must be a scholarly focus to the units chosen. Three of the four units must be taken from a single stream, with one unit variation at the discretion of the unit co-ordinator.

Service Learning and Research Streams

The first unit in both the service and research streams is a preparatory unit, designed to equip the students with the basic knowledge and skills needed to undertake their chosen service activity or research project, respectively.  

The remaining three units will be activity based (i.e. a service-based or research project), enabling students to apply the skills they have learnt, and to demonstrate critical thinking in their analyses or reflections on the activity they have undertaken. There is some flexibility in that students can choose to take two activity based units in conjunction with another unit that would complement their chosen Scholarly Activity (e.g. undertaking a smaller research project and enrolling in a Biostatistics unit).

Coursework Stream

The coursework stream generally comprises a sequence of four units within an existing postgraduate degree. For example a selection of four units from the Master of Health Professional Education or Master of Public Health courses.