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Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health

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The Centre (CAMDH) was established to assist the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences in three main areas.

  • It will improve the recruitment and the retention of Aboriginal students in Medicine and Dentistry.
  • It will assist departments within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences with teaching on Aboriginal health issues.
  • It will improve links between Aboriginal organisations and departments within the Faculty.

Core activites

The Centre has nine main areas of responsibility:

  • Promoting the concept of holistic health care and cultural security in relation to Aboriginal health and health care practice, research and learning.
  • Encouraging work force development for Aboriginal students and graduates.
  • Encouraging work force development for non-Aboriginal students, graduates and teachers.
  • The professional development of existing medical and dental practitioners, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.
  • Conducting liaison, support and joint projects with Aboriginal community health and health-related organisations.
  • Developing a network with other universities with programs for Aboriginal medical students and graduates.
  • Providing an Aboriginal health resource for the community, UWA and government.
  • Promoting an understanding of the importance of an inter-sectoral approach to health within other sectors of the University.
  • Developing an understanding of the differences and range of needs in urban, rural and remote Aboriginal communities.

Outreach Programs

Through The School of Indigenous Studies and The Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health, UWA offers a wide range of programs aimed at encouraging and fostering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students to complete Year 12 and pursue tertiary education at university. The program provides a pathway to university for students from Year 8 to Year 12.

The program's objectives are to expose students to various aspects of the university environment, including hands-on activities, meeting tertiary student role models and making decisions about their future education with the guidance of staff at the Centre.

Information on these programs are provided on the School of Indigenous Studies site as follows:

Cultural Training Module

The Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health (CAMDH) offers a wide range of programs including the delivery of the Cultural Training Modules for the Rural Clinical School (RCS). For more information on this program or the delivery of the modules please contact Asst/Prof Christine Clinch


Essentials for Social Justice Speech