Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Centre for Health Services Research


CHSR image 2014The Centre is an intellectual leader in its field in Australia through its work with linked medical and health data and the evaluation of health services, patient safety, surgical care and pharmaco-epidemiology.  

It supports research through the creation and maintenance of data and technical infrastructure, facilitation of an extensive network of collaborators and provision of training opportunities to staff and students.




Mission Statement 

The mission of the Centre for Health Services Research (CHSR) is to build a reputation for excellence as a research centre and conduct research that supports the promotion of community health. We investigate people‚Äôs engagement with multidisciplinary healthcare services and resulting health outcomes focussing on building capacity related to innovation, research integrity, professional leadership, knowledge exchange, community and consumer involvement, and translation of research into policy and practice. 

See more about the CHSR in our Strategic Plan, 2014-2018.


Consumer and Community Participation

The Centre for Health Services Research supports the School of Population Health's commitment to actively involving consumers and the community in all stages of its research activities. The Centre for Health Services Research has established a Community Reference group to provide advice and input on all current and future research.

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