Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

About the CHSR dove


Original CHSR dove

The CHSR was a co-founder of the Western Australian (WA) Data Linkage System; a highly valuable and unique piece of infrastructure, both nationally and internationally. The system comprises >50 years of linked hospital admissions, death records, mental health, perinatal and cancer incidence data for the people of WA. This resource allows approved researchers to access detailed but non-identifiable information about the health service use and outcomes of >2.5 million individuals. For over 20 years the CHSR had used this resource to conduct research in areas including delivery of cancer care services, medication safety, maternal and child health, prisoner health, and surgical and procedural outcomes.

The original CHSR image reflected this history. The image showed five sheets, representing data collections, being propelled forward and upward by the soaring dove to achieve greater value through record linkage. The background matrix represented the relationship between the CHSR and the community. The dove was chosen to emphasise collaborations aimed at achieving a common good purpose.

CHSR image 2014


The CHSR image was updated in 2014 but retains the symbols of harmony, data collections and relationship with the community from the original image. The overlapping shapes in the updated dove reflect our collaborations with researchers, clinicians, consumers and community members. The upturned hand forming the base of the dove also represents the nurturing elements of health care.