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Centre for Health Services Research projects


The Centre is undertaking a number of major research projects

The results of our research will be used to advocate on behalf of vulnerable populations in a country that prides itself on universal access to high quality health services.

Projects are organised under the our five priority themes.

  1. Adverse events and medication safety
  2. Delivery of cancer services
  3. Evaluations of health service policy and interventions
  4. Utilisation of health services among vulnerable populations
  5. Utilisation of reproductive health services

Adverse events and medication safety

The culture of patient safety in 15 public hospitals: a mixed method study of the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia
This study will examine and analyse the existing quality and patient safety culture in public hospitals in Saudi Arabia.
Centre of Research Excellence in post-market surveillance of medicines and medical devices
This research investigates the use, safety and effectiveness of prescription medicines and medical devices (e.g. hip replacements, heart values) being used in Australia.

Delivery of cancer services

Green tea polyphenols and cancer prevention: Use of biomarkers and population controls to elicit causal pathways
The Lu Cha Collaboration between Australian and Chinese researchers is investigating whether green tea reduces the risk of various cancers. 
Improving Rural Cancer Outcomes (IRCO)
In this project, partner organisations that deliver cancer services in non-metropolitan WA have teamed with experienced researchers to develop a ‘best prospects’ package of interventions targeting the community, medical and other health practitioners; and to evaluate the effectiveness of the package.
Cancer in the adolescent and young adult population in Western Australia
This study will be the first to be undertaken using whole population-wide datasets in Western Australia to examine the patterns of cancer in adolescents and young adults, including new cancers, these patients’ survival pattern, their health care use and other aspects of long-term health outcomes. 

Evaluations of health service policy and interventions

Consumer co-payments for prescription medicines: impact on access and health outcomes
This project explores the impact of a recent increase in consumer co-payments on patients' use of prescription medicines.
Trends in surgical sterilisation, reversal procedures and related health outcomes in Western Australian women from 1980 to 2008: A whole-population medical record linkage study
This study will focus on the health of Western Australian women who undergo surgical sterilisation and/or surgical reversal procedures and will examine trends in women of different ages, socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicities, assess the likelihood of failure of both initial SS and SR procedures and measure the rate of complications following these procedures.

Utilisation of health services among vulnerable populations

Maternal and child health service use in low and middle income countries: a longitudinal cohort study across four countries using Young Lives datak
This project investigates the utilisation and health outcomes of maternity and reproductive health services in communities across Vietnam, Ethiopia, Peru and India.
Outcomes for children of incarcerated mothers and the role of the prison environment to reduce negative social and economic impacts
This study will ascertain how many children are affected by maternal incarceration and the impact on their health, social and economic outcomes.
Improving the health of Indigenous and non-Indigenous ex-prisoners: A multi-jurisdictional, mixed-methods study
This study will focus on health outcomes and health service utilisation among adult ex-prisoners in two states (WA and QLD).

Utilisation of reproductive health services 

Pregnancy-related medical services utilisation and perinatal outcomes in Western Australia with a focus on recent migrants
This research will eventually help identify modifiable factors to inform practice and improve outcomes by implementing required preventive measures and will lay a foundation for appropriate policies.
Pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation during pregnancy and the inter-pregnancy period: A population-based cohort study
Our study will use a large population-based cohort of mothers to explore the utilisation and effectiveness of Bupropion, Varenicline and Nicotine Replacement Therapy prior to and during pregnancy, as well as health outcomes for mothers and babies when these medications are used during pregnancy.
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