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Peer-reviewed journal articles from 2016

Cumming C, Troeung L, Young JT, Kelty E and Preen DB. Barriers to accessing methamphetamine treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2016; 168:263-273

Kemp-Casey A, Roughead EE, Saunders C, Boyle F, Lopez D, Bulsara M and Preen DB. Breast cancer recurrence following active treatment: determining its incidence in the NSW population. Public Health Res Pract. 2016;26(1):e2611607.

Kaye S, Ramos-Quiroga JA, van de Glind G, Levin FR, Faraone SV, Allsop S, Degenhardt L, Moggi F, Barta C, Konstenius M, Franck J, Skutle A, Bu ET, Koeter MW, Demetrovics Z, Kapitány-Fövény M, Schoevers RA, van Emmerik-van Oortmerssen K, Carpentier PJ, Dom G, Verspreet S, Crunelle CL, Young JT, Carruthers S, Cassar J, Fatséas M, Auriacombe M, Johnson B, Dunn M, Slobodin O and van den Brink W. Persistence and Subtype Stability of ADHD Among Substance Use Disorder Treatment Seekers. J Atten Disord 2016 [Epub ahead of print]

Kinner SA, Harvey C, Hamilton B, Brophy L, Roper C, McSherry B and Young JT. Attitudes towards seclusion and restraint in mental health settings: findings from a large, community-based survey of consumers, carers and mental health professionals. Epidemiol Psychiatr Sci 2016; 12:1-10

Mangharam J, Moorin R and Straker L.  A comparison of the burden and resultant risk associated with occupational falls from a height and on the same level in Australia. Ergonomics 2016; 59(12):1646-1660

Nedkoff L, Knuiman M, Hobbs MS, Hung J, Mathur S, Beilby J, Reynolds A, Briffa TG, Lopez D and Sanfilippo FM. Is the incidence of heart attack still decreasing in Australia? Developing reliable methods for monitoring trends in myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease (AUS-MOCHA): a study protocol. BMJ Open. 2016 Aug 24;6(8):e012180

Winter RJ, Young JT, Stoové M, Agius PA, Hellard ME and Kinner SA. Resumption of injecting drug use following release from prison in Australia. Drug Alcohol Depend 2016;168:104-111

Young JT, Butt J, Hersi A, Tohow A and Mohamed DH. Khat dependence, use patterns, and health consequences in Australia: an exploratory study. J Stud Alcohol Drugs 2016;77(2):343-348

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Peer-reviewed journal articles from 2015

Aboagye-Sarfo P, Mai Q,  Sanfilippo FM, Preen DB, Stewart LM and Fatovich DM. Growth in Western Australian emergency department demand during 2007-2013 is due to people with urgent and complex care needs. Emerg Med Australas 2015; 27(3):202-209

Bradshaw PJ, Stobie P, Einarsdottir K, Briffa TG and Hobbs MS. Using quality indicators to compare outcomes of permanent cardiac pacemaker implantation among publicly and privately funded patients. Intern Med J 2015; 45(8):813-820

Cao L, Tong H, Xu G, Liu P, Meng H, Wang J, Zhao X, Tang Y, Jin J. Systemic lupus erythematous and malignancy risk: A meta-analysis. PLoS One 2015;10(4):e0122964

Davies K, Monterosso L, Bulsara M, Ramelet AS. Clinical indicators for the initiation of endotracheal suction in children: An integrative review. Aust Crit Care 2015; 28(1):11-18

Ghosh M, Holman CD and Preen DB. Exploring parental country of birth differences in the use of psychostimulant medications for ADHD: a whole-population linked data study. Aust N Z J Public Health 2015; 39(1):88-92

Ghosh M, Holman CD and Preen DB. Use of prescription stimulant for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Aboriginal children and adolescents: a linked data cohort study. BMC Pharmacol Toxicol 2015; 16(1):35

Ing CH, DiMaggio CJ, Malacova E, Whitehouse AJ, Hegarty MK, Feng T, Brady JE, von Ungern-Sternberg BS, Davidson AJ, Wall MM, Wood AJ, Li G, Sun LS. In reply.  Anesthesiology 2015; 122(1):217-218

Jama-Alol KA, Malacova E, Ferrante A, Alan J, Stewart L and Preen D. Influence of offence type and prior imprisonment on risk of death following release from prison: a whole-population linked data study. Int J Prison Health 2015; 11(2):108-118

Kinner SA, Young JT and Carroll M. The pivotal role of primary care in meeting the health needs of people recently released from prison. Australas Psychiatry 2015; 23(6):650-653

Liu P, Zhang M, Jin J and Holman CDJ. Tea consumption reduces the risk of de novo myelodysplastic syndromes.  Leuk Res 2015; 39(2):164–169

Mai Q,  Aboagye-Sarfo P, Sanfilippo FM, Preen DB and Fatovich DM. Predicting the number of emergency department presentations in Western Australia: A population-based time series analysis. Emerg Med Australas 2015; 27(1):16-21

Malacova E, Kemp-Casey A, Bremner A, Hart R, Stewart LM and Preen DB. Live delivery outcome after tubal sterilization reversal: a population-based study. Fertility & Sterility 2015; 104(4):921-926

Malacova E, Kemp A, Hart R, Jama-Alol K and Preen DB. Effectiveness of in vitro fertilization in women with previous tubal sterilization. Contraception 2015; 91(3):240-244

Mishra SR, Neupane D, Preen D, Kallestrup P and Perry HB. Mitigation of non-communicable diseases in developing countries with community health workers. Global Health 2015; 11(1):43

Paige E, Kemp-Casey A, Korda R and Banks E. Using Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme data for pharmacoepidemiological research: challenges and approaches. Public Health Research & Practice 2015 25(4): e2541546

Schofield PW, Malacova E, Preen DB, D'Este C, Tate R, Reekie J, Wand H and Butler T. Does traumatic brain injury lead to criminality? a whole-population retrospective cohort study using linked data. PLoS ONE 2015 10(7):e0132558

Sodhi-Berry N, Knuiman M, Alan J, Morgan VA and Preen DB. Pre-sentence mental health service use predicts post-sentence mortality in a population cohort of first-time adult offenders. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol 2015; 50(1):109-124.

Sodhi-Berry N, Knuiman M, Alan J, Morgan VA and Preen DB.  Pre- and post-sentence mental health service use by a population cohort of older offenders (≥45 years) in Western Australia. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol 2015; 50(7)1097-1110

Stewart LM, Holman CDJ, Semmens JB, Preen D, Mai Q and Hart R. Hospital mental health admissions in women after unsuccessful infertility treatment and in vitro fertilization: an Australian population-based cohort study. PLOS ONE 2015; 10(3): e0120076

Young JT, Carruthers S, Kaye S, Allsop S, Gilsenan J, Degenhardt L, van de Glind G, van den Brink W and Preen D. Comorbid attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and substance use disorder complexity and chronicity in treatment-seeking adults. Drug Alcohol Rev 2015; 34(6):683-693

Young JT, Arnold-Reed D, Preen D, Bulsara M, Lennox N and Kinner SA. Early primary care physician contact and health service utilisation in a large sample of recently released ex-prisoners in Australia: prospective cohort study. BMJ Open 2015; 5(6):e008021

Young JT, van Dooren K, Lennox NG, Butler TG and Kinner SA. Inter-rater reliability of the Hayes Ability Screening Index in a sample of Australian prisoners. J Intellect Disabil Res 2015; 59(11):1055-60

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Peer-reviewed journal articles from 2014

Brett T, Arnold-Reed D, Troeung L, Bulsara M, Williams A and Moorhead R. Multimorbidity in a marginalised, street-health Australian population – a retrospective cohort study. BMJ Open 2014; 4(8):e005461.

Clark A, Morlet N, Ng JQ, Preen DB, Semmens JB. Long-term trends and outcomes of anterior vitrectomy in Western Australia. Acta Ophthalmol. 2014 [Epub ahead of print].

Corica T, Joseph D, Saunders C, Bulsara M, Nowak A. Intraoperative radiotherapy for early breast cancer: do health professionals choose convenience or risk? Radiation Oncology 2014; 9(33):1-9.

Emery JD, Gray V, Walter FM, Cheetham S, Croager EJ, Slevin T, Saunders C, Threlfall T, Auret K, Nowak AK, Geelhoed E, Bulsara M and Holman CD. The Improving Rural Cancer Outcomes (IRCO) Trial: a factorial cluster-randomised controlled trial of a complex intervention to reduce time to diagnosis in rural patients with cancer in Western Australia: a study protocol. BMJ Open 2014; 4:e006156

Farringdon F, Holgate C, McIntyre F, Bulsara M. A level of discomfort! Exploring the relationship between maternal sexual health knowledge, religiosity and comfort discussing sexual health issues with adolescents.  Sexuality Research and Social Policy (in press) (accepted for publication: 1st May 2013)

Grace T, Bulsara M, Pennell C, Hands B. Maternal hypertensive diseases negatively affect offspring motor development. Pregnancy Hypertension: An International Journal of Women's Cardiovascular Health 2014; 4(3):209-214

Haggar FA, Pereira G, Preen D, Holman CD and Einarsdottir K. Adverse obstetric and perinatal outcomes following treatment of adolescent and young adult cancer: a population-based cohort study. PLOS ONE 2014; 9(12):e113292 

Huang Y, de Boer BW, Adams LA, MacQuillan G, Bulsara M, Jeffrey GP. Image analysis of liver biopsy samples measures fibrosis and predicts clinical outcome. J Hepatol 2014;61(1):22-27.

Ing C, DiMaggio C, Malacova E, Whitehouse A, Hegarty MK, Feng T, Brady J, von Ungern-Sternberg BS, Davidson A, Wall M, Wood AJJ, Li G, Sun LS. Comparative analysis of outcome measures used in examining neurodevelopmental effects of early childhood anesthesia exposure. Anesthesiology 2014; 120(6): 1319-1332.

Jama-Alol K, Moore H, Jacoby P, Bower C,  Lehmann D.  Morbidity due to acute lower respiratory infection in children with birth defects: a total population-based linked data study. BMC Pediatrics 2014;14(1):80.

Johnson C, Lizama N, Garg N, Ghosh M, Emery J, Saunders C. Australian general practitioners' preferences for managing the care of people diagnosed with cancer. Asia Pac J Clin Oncol  2014; 10(2):e90-98.

Kaye S, Gilsenan J, Young JT, Carruthers S, Allsop S, Degenhardt L, van de Glind G, van den Brink W. Risk behaviours among substance use disorder treatment seekers with and without adult ADHD symptoms.   Drug Alcohol Depend 144:70-77

Keay L, Palagyi A, McCluskey P, Lamoureux E, Pesudovs K, Lo S, Ivers R, Boufous S, Morlet N, Ng JQ, Stapleton F, Fraser M, Meuleners L. Falls in Older people with Cataract, a longitudinal evalUation of impact and riSk: the FOCUS study protocol. Inj Prev 2014; 20(4):e7.

Kemp A, Preen DB, Saunders C, Boyle F, Bulsara M, Holman CDJ, Malacova E, Roughead EE. Women commencing anastrozole, letrozole or tamoxifen for early breast cancer: the impact of comorbidity and demographics on initial choice. PLoS One 2014; 9(1): e84835.

Kemp A, Preen DB, Saunders C, Boyle F, Bulsara M, Malacova E, Roughead EE. Early discontinuation of endocrine therapy for breast cancer: who is at risk in clinical practice? SpringerPlus 2014; 3:282.

Kerr R, Moorin RE, Hendrie D. Investing in acute health services: is it time to change the paradigm? Australian Health Review; In Press (Accepted for publication May 12th  2014).

Malacova, E. Kemp A, Jama Alol K, Hart, R. Preen, D. Long-term risk of ectopic pregnancy varies by method of tubal sterilization: a whole-population study. Fertility and Sterility 2014; 101(3):728-734.

Meuleners LB, Fraser ML, Ng J, Morlet N. The impact of first- and second-eye cataract surgery on injurious falls that require hospitalisation: a whole-population study.
Age Ageing 2014; 43(3): 341-346.

Moorin R, Miller T, Hendrie D. Population-based incidence and 5-year survival for hospital-admitted traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, Western Australia, 2003-2008. J Neurol. 2014. 

Moorin RE, Forsyth RK, Gibson DAJ, Fox R. Demonstration of the effect of generic anatomical divisions versus clinical protocols on computed tomography dose estimates and risk burden. Plos ONE 2014: 9(5) e97691.

Moorin RE, Gibson DAJ, Forsyth RK, Bulsara M, Holman CDJ. Evaluating data capture methods for the establishment of diagnostic reference levels in CT scanning. Eur J Radiol 2014; 83(2):329-337.

Ng JQ, Lundström M. Impact of a National system for waitlist prioritization: the experience with NIKE and cataract surgery in Sweden. Acta Ophthalmol 2014; 92(4): 378-381.

Pratt, N, Ramsay E, Kemp A, Ellett LK, Shakib S, Caughey G, Huang N, Ryan P, Graves S, Roughead EE. Ranibizumab associated with increased risk of stroke but not myocardial infarct: a case series analysis. Drug Safety 2014; DOI 10.1007/s40264-014-0231-2. 

Reekie JM, Donovan B, Guy R, Hocking JS, Jorm L, Kaldor JM, Mak D, Preen D, Pearson S, Roberts C, Stewart L. Hospitalisations for pelvic inflammatory disease temporally related to a diagnosis of chlamydia or gonorrhoea: a retrospective cohort study. PLoS ONE 2014; 9(4):e94361.

Snow KJ, Young JT, Preen DB, Lennox NG, Kinner SA. Incidence and correlates of hepatitis C virus infection in a large cohort of prisoners who have injected drugs. BMC Public Health. 2014;14(1):830. 

Sodhi-Berry N, Preen DB, Alan J, Knuiman M,  Morgan VA.  Pre-sentence mental health service use in adult offenders in Western Australia: Baseline results from a longitudinal whole-population cohort study. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health  2014; 24(3):204-221.  

To KG, Meuleners L, Bulsara M, Fraser ML, Duong DV, Do DV, Huynh V-A N, Phi TD, Tran HH. A longitudinal cohort study of the impact of first and both eye cataract surgery on falls and other injuries in Vietnam. Clin Interv Aging  2014; 9:743-751.

Vaidya J, Wenz F, Bulsara M, Tobias JS, Joseph D, Keshtgar M, Flyger H, Massarut S, Alvarado M, Saunders C, Eiermann W, Metaxas M, Sperk E, Sutterlin M, Brown D, Esserman L, Roncadin M, Thompson A, Dewar JA, Holtveg H, Pigorsch S, Falzon M, Harris E, Matthews A, Brew-Graves C, Potyka I, Corica T, Williams NR, Baum M, TARGIT trialists’ group. Risk-adapted targeted intraoperative radiotherapy versus whole-breast radiotherapy for breast cancer: 5-year results for local control and overall survival from the TARGIT-A randomised trial. Lancet 2014; 383(9917):603-613.

Vaidya JS, Wenz F, Bulsara M, Tobias JS, Joseph D. Radiotherapy for breast cancer, the TARGIT-A trial – Authors reply. Lancet 2014; 383(9930):1716-1720.

van de Glind G, Konstenius M, Koeter MWJ, van Emmerik-van Oortmerssen K, Carpentier P-J, Kaye S, Degenhardt L, Skutle A, Franck J, Bu E-T, Moggi F, Dom G, Verspreet S, Demetrovics Z, Kapitány-Fövény M, Fatséas M, Auriacombe M, Schillinger A, Møller M, Johnson B, Faraone SV, Ramos-Quiroga JA, Casas M, Allsop S, Carruthers S, Schoevers RA, Wallhed S, Barta C, Alleman P, Levin FR, van den Brink W, IASP research group. Variability in the prevalence of adult ADHD in treatment seeking substance use disorder patients: Results from an international multi-center study exploring DSM-IV and DSM-5 criteria. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2014; 134: 158-166.

van Emmerik-van Oortmerssen K, van de Glind G, Koeter MWJ, Allsop S, Auriacombe M, Barta C, Bu ETH, Burren Y, Carpentier P-J, Carruthers S, Casas M, Demetrovics Z, Dom G, Faraone SV, Fatseas M, Franck J, Johnson B, Kapitány-Fövény M, Kaye S, Konstenius M, Levin FR, Moggi F, Møller M, Ramos-Quiroga JA, Schillinger A, Skutle A, Verspreet S, IASP research group, van den Brink W, Schoevers RA. Psychiatric comorbidity in treatment-seeking substance use disorder patients with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: results of the IASP study. Addiction. 2014; 102(2): 262-272.

Wand BM, Stephens SE, Mangharam EIM, George PJ, Bulsara M, O’Connell NE, Moseley GL. Illusory touch temporarily improves sensation in areas of chronic numbness: A brief communication. Neurorehabil Neural Repair. 2014.

Wand BM, Szpak L, George PJ, Bulsara M, O’Connell NE, Moseley GL. Moving in an environment of induced sensorimotor incongruence does not influence pain sensitivity in healthy volunteers: a randomised within-subject experiment. PLoS ONE 2014; 9(4): e93701.

Whyatt D, Tenneti R, Marsh J, Kemp A, Firth L, Murray K, Turlach B, Vickery A. The ecological fallacy of the role of age in chronic disease and hospital demand. Medical Care 2014; 52 (10), 891-900.

Whyatt D, Tenneti R, Marsh J, Bolt SE, Kemp A, Firth L, Murray K, Turlach B, Vickery A. The ratchet effect: dramatic and sustained changes in health care utilization following admission to hospital with chronic disease. Medical Care 2014; 52 (10), 901-908.

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Centre for Health Services Research in the news

Preen, D. School has new Chair of Public Health. UWA News 9 Dec 2015

McKenzie A. UWA's outstanding achievers honoured on Australia Day.  UWA News 27 Jan 2015

Davey M. Old, sick and poor will stop taking vital drugs, health economists warn. The Guardian. 2014; June 10.  

Morris S. Government considers PBS cutbacks. The Saturday Paper. 2014; February 28.  

McKenzie A. University of Western Australia Consumer and Community Participation Program. Involve Newsletter Spring 2013.

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